Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Christmas pageant EVER..Begins..Part l

 Barbietown's Best Christmas Pageant EVER! has begun. Fortunately for us, Mrs. Greene has kept her sanity in the midst of intense rehearsals. However, like the perfectionist she is, she could not resist adding a few 'touches' here and there to the pageant that is why this will be part l of the pageant. Miss Charlotte's kindergarden class is performing in costume and decided to sing 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing'....but first, let's have a look at the crowd who has assembled for the first part of the Pageant.

This is certainly a better crowd than the church expected! Mrs. Greene was thrilled and posed for us with a tired smile on her face while listening to the little angels sing. Even the Baroness was there!

The little ones, all decked out in santa outfits, soldier suits, and dressed as a christmas tree and a gingerbread girl, sang their hearts out in front of the small tree. (you cannot tell but the trees have lights on them, lit.) It was a good thing the audience wanted to hear more, as the cast of the Nativity scene to come was having some mishaps...
It appears Baby Steven who is to be the main character, was having a diaper change backstage, and a couple of the Wise Men are caught in traffic...luckily, the kindergarden class is holding the audience's interest for Part l.

Some more shots of the audience...Since nothing was left but standing room only, Natalie decided to sit from her car and listen to the music and singing, spell bound.
Let's see what's going on in Barbietown....for those dolls who didn't plan on attending the pageant !

It appears some of the ladies have decided to go shopping for their heart's desire at the boutique...Silver & Gold, Silver & Gold...remember that song?
After a long day at the school working as both principle and librarian, Mr. Giles stops by the bakery for a cup of coffee and a donut. He doesn't notice that the shop keeper at the counter was closing...
Santa, collecting for the Salvation Army, stops Prince William and congratulates him & his lovely wife, the Duchess, on their good news of the Duchess expecting! (Shhh..Prince William and his wife, Kate have stolen away from the hysteria to be alone in a small vacation spot on the Baroness' estate...)
And so, that is the end of Part l on the Pageant. The three new kindergardeners are the Christmas Chelseas from Target that I purchased today-- they were $4.74 instead of 4.99, saved a few cents but I really needed them. Also, Barbie Basics items are on sale as well-at $7.84! I felt a little guilty spending this after just spending some more money on Ebay to bring home a doll who will be 'Pa' Ingalls for my LHOTP dioramas as well as an actual Johnny West wagon...I know Ebay loves me!
I plan to --note the word- plan here-- plan to sew the other two Wise Men costumes so the Pageant can be performed, On the target date- Christmas Eve, if at all possible. Around here, Holidays are never set in stone so that may be dooming meeting S.I.S. Darren in our first blog post about the pageant? Well I hope to work on his costume first. This gives me an excellent excuse for de-boxing Johnny Depp out of that pirate outfit and box!
Oh and Happy Friday! By the way, if any of you believe the world is still supposed to end, and you collect Barbie- or Jason Wu Fashion Royalty, please feel free to deposit your dolls, props, OOAK dolls, Holy Grail dolls, to me for safe keeping....I will have plenty of room to keep them safe..wink...wink..


Vanessa said...

Fantastic job on the pageant. A lot of work went into the stage and costume designs. Congrats. I know it feels good to have something 'planned' come together in the end. I love the 'silver and gold' window.

Three years ago one of my docs said I only had to make it until 2012. Now what? LOL!

Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

Thank you Vanessa! And may I say you are a living miracle, God Bless you. He moves in mysterious ways, I truly believe He has a plan for all of us, that does not fit into our doctor's limited vision on our health.

I started the stage/manger in early September, and it originally was going to be an old Abbey ruins, with cemetary, to showcase Sideshow Buffy and Giles her watcher. I realized it had more potential as a stage for the Nativity and a whole host of other stages/props, even a barn! I still need to add some more work on the roof, but it works for right now. I have finished Darren's Wise Man costume and have only one more Wise Man costume to go! So Part ll will be coming up by Christmas Eve, hopefully. Right now it is turkey prep time as we are going to be celebrating with family tomorrow, the week is still iffy as far as work goes. Merry Christmas!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: congratulations for this work so great. You make a beautiful dioramas. The nativity scene is awesome. The clothing is very appropriate. You are very creative. You are inspiring. Keep in touch

D7ana said...

Loved these scenes, Lisa, but the showstopper for me was Prince William. Glad he and the wife took a break and that you recorded it ;-)