Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Christmas dolls- Mattel Jane & Michael

My Victorian 1:6 scale community is growing! Today was the day I opened my Jane & Michael doll set from the Mary Poppins series, that I found this past Saturday- still in the box! I adore them and wish Mattel made more dolls like this. The detail on their clothing and accessories, especially their shoes, is great. Here are some pics of them together:

A quick pic of them on the dining room table. I simply love their outfits! This has decided me to get the Mary Poppins and the Dick Van Dyke doll as well.
My Victorians are growing! Jane and Michael go wonderfully well with the 2nd edition Mrs. Albee I had also found at the flea market booth, as well as my other two Victorian ladies.

The little victorian carriage is from my Rosebud doll set I have had since I was a child- I have the crib and high chair somewhere, but cannot remember where they were stored. I still have the two rosebud dolls, so perhaps will put one of them in their infant gown in the carriage. The carriage is not tall enough for Barbie, but looks good.
So this is a short post for today. I would like to do a scene in Barbietown where the ladiees are promenading on the sidewalk in front of the shops and it is made to look like Barbietown 100 years ago...that is another project. Jane and Michael are just a tad taller than mini Mary and Mini Laura, and will work well.
Short post today, but Merry Christmas!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Nice pictures. These two boys are very cute. I really like your scenes. They are very real. You have very nice touches. Keep in touch

Lisa said...

thank you Marta! Merry Christmas to you as well!