Thursday, December 27, 2012

New family- The Ingalls family!

The Ingalls family is almost complete- Pa Ingalls finally arrived. I was really pleased with him. He arrived yesterday, but I had so much to do that I didn't have time for pics until today.

Pa Ingalls was won off of Ebay. I finally decided ona 1999 Harley Ken and found this one, with a Rhett Butler doll 'Gentleman' suit on, and couldn't resist. He came like this, but also with the dress shoes, socks and frock coat and white hat that matches this outfit. I decided to leave Pa in it, as this could be his summer Sunday outfit. His fiddle and bow are from the Barbie I can pack.
There is a Johnny West buckboard wagon that hopefully will be arriving soon that also has an outfit or two with it. I will be getting more western clothing for Pa soon, but thought you would enjoy the pics. I already have created a Little House on the Prairie cast of Characters album on my Flicker, so be sure to check it out.
Here is Pa playing the fiddle for the family - imagine this is the house in the book from 'On the Banks of Plum Creek'.

I only have toddler Grace to create, as well as young Carrie who was small but walking from On the Banks of Plum Creek- she is on the way- Victorian Kelly from Ebay. So more updated pictures later when she arrives!


Vanessa said...

He does make a great Pa Ingalls. How perfect that he came in that outfit. It was meant to be. I have two of these guys. I really need one back in the stories. He's super cute.

Lisa said...

I know. I couldn't believe he came with this rhett butler doll outfit- this particular male doll wearing that outfit is hard to find. He also came wearing his harley boots plus the dress shoes and socks, frock coat and hat. I think he somewhat resembles what the real Pa Ingalls would have looked like when young.

Ms. Leo said...

I love that you added the violin! It looks complete! Great job.