Friday, December 7, 2012

Ertl 1:7 scale DeLaval Cream seperator model

Besides the wringer washer, Ertl also made a 1:7 scale replica of the Delaval cream seperator. These made seperating milk and cream something that took a matter of minutes whereas before, it took longer, and saved dairy farms money and time. It also saved farmwives a ton of time skimming milk by hand.
I have shown some photos here of Vanessa, a Fashion Royalty doll, doing her daily chore of straining the milk while Victorian Lady Barbie has picked this somewhat inoppurtune time to chat the day away when there is work to be can tell she's a 'town' girl, lol...
It just arrived today and I cannot be more pleased. This really adds realism to the Victorian kitchen diorama!

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Hello from Spain: very cool… Keep in touch