Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Some pics of the Barbie club Christmas party...

This past Sunday on the 2nd was our club Christmas party. I belong to the Virginia Fashion doll club and all of us get together and have alot of fun. The feature of the Christmas party is always not only the food, but the Chinese gift swap. I have been running on full gears this week, so have not had time to really post that much, but here are pics. The party this year was held at a club member's lovely home and we also got to tour her doll room. She is heavy into reproduction and vintage!

First pics are of the trees throughout her home, the tree in the kitchen was a Barbie ornament tree. The centerpiece in the dining room with the food was a silkstone dressed in a lovely golden outfit to match the sleigh. Janice had taken her collection of Barbie Angels and put them ontop of her china hutch, and they looked marvelous in person, just dreamy. (Going to club meetings always enables me to shop on Ebay for dolls I do not have!) She also had adorable little vignettes using the past Christmas dolls from Target, as well as the cute brandy snifter with the Kellys and Tommys in the sleigh....must not give in to shop for past Christmas Kellys and Tommys! The last photo shot is of some of the presents that had been put under the big tree in the parlor, these were not all of them! But the one I finally received was the stocking you see-  it says Naughty on one side, Nice on the other and it was filled with cute stuff.
I have some photos of Janice's doll room- the neatest thing she did was to take her ballet dolls and place them on clear plastic risers - the risers and a string of white lights were covered with white tulle covered in gold stars. The effect was amazing!

Forgive the pictures, the light was not that good but the effect was wonderful on her display in person. Her collection is boxed and she has a wonderful way of displaying the dolls. I love looking at other's displays because it gives me ideas how to make better use of the dolls I have with just a few tricks.

Enjoy the photos- I did not get as many as I would have wished, I had way too much fun! My doll time has been severely cut short on working on photos and outfits for the Victorian diorama, which is frustrating, especially with the ideas on the drawing board I cannot finish!More soon- Lisa


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

I enjoyed the posted images a lot. What a collection! Bravo!

Lisa said...

thank you- I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures I was able to take. The club's Christmas party meeting is always over the top- after gift giving we also had a presentation of the dolls we brought dressed for 'winter fun' which could be anything, plus show and tell. So it really is a fun afternoon of nothing but dolls!