Friday, December 14, 2012

Sunbonnets, aprons, & Barbie Body Swapping... an odd title for a blog post, but not if you are doll collector who hates non articulated barbie dolls.
I had some odd pieces of time yesterday and this evening, so I completed an apron and a matching sunbonnet for Caroline Ingalls.
Caroline started life as Mrs. Albee Avon Barbie I won on Ebay- I blogged about her a few weeks ago, her outfit was simply incredible, she was in her box. But she had the perfect face sculpt for what Ithought Caroline Ingalls- Laura Ingalls' mother, should look like. When I got around to it I body swapped her for Frank Sinatra Barbie's pivatol body.

Here they are swapped on their respective bodies. I took the outfit I had made Fashion Royalty Vanessa and was pleased it fit the pivatol body better, much better! Yeah, me- as I was kind of dreading trying to figure out another outfit to make for Caroline, and this looked subdued or prairie enough yet still in the style of the 1870's as a simple farmwife might have worn it, without the ruffles, bows, and lace, work clothing if you will. Frank Sinatra barbie is on the right, with the Mrs. Albee gown on. I am thinking she might make a good Mrs. Olsen- yes I will be doing the Olsen family as well for the Victorian dioramas. What can I say, my Barbie world may be encompassing Scarlett, Rhett, and Bonnie Butler as well- after the love the Barbies Mattel did for the gowns of Scarlett O'Hara, and I have all four of them. I think they were referred to as Timeless Treasures, not sure, but the workmanship on them was quite good.
But now for the pics of Caroline's work apron and sunbonnet.

Caroline's sunbonnet is stiffened in front with a thing piece of cardstock/board that I cut from the top of the box the tea bags come from, and then sewed inside. Sunbonnets are pretty easy to make, use your doll's head as a pattern, then gather. I used thin silk ribbon to make the ties on her bonnet. I thought this outfit came out rather nice, before I start on her shawl, which I am looking for some cloth that would be warm, as I would like to replicate the Ingalls family going to church on Christmas in On the Banks of Plum Creek as well as going to school, church, etc. The descriptions of the new dresses Mary and Laura are quite specific, down to the little furs Laura received. I have shown Caroline her holding Baby Carrie, (baby sweets from teh Sunshine family- this doll stands in as so many infants!) but I will need a small Kelly doll with braids for Carrie for by this time she was walking toddler.
American Girl Mini Dolls Kirsten and mini Molly are on their way, so the last ones to get are Pa Ingalls- who is going to be expensive as the type of doll I want/need has to be specific. I already have his famous 'fiddle'- the violin & bow from the Barbie 'I can be dress pack. I figured while I wait for the mini dolls to arrive to decide what clothes I would like to replicate and practice, such as creating sunbonnets, etc. Kirsten's dress will be ok for Mary, I would like to make Laura a nice dress but am undecided on what material to use. So right now, am concentrating on Caroline's wardrobe, as the two girls will need more outfits.
I am enjoying replicating this , one of my favorite childhood authors, and her family from the Little House books...I still read them today- and have read them more closely on the descriptions of the clothing and descriptions of the town and the homes, as I want to replicate it as closely as possible, but will of course, be taking liberties for my own storyline in the decor of the house and school.
More later- Lisa

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