Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas to me...

Today was an unusual day...simply because it is Saturday, and Christmas this year is on a Tuesday or weekday. Today my husband Chris wanted to do something 'different' and he suggested we go to the local indoor flea market. It seemed like a great idea, instead of sitting about the house, so off we went!
The flea market is in Ladysmith, Va and is called the Va. Bazaar. It has people outside and also regular vendors inside who sell food, antiques, sports items, clothing, you name it. There is a lady who has been there for years and I can find all of the hard to find Barbies at her booth. Today I found the 2nd edition of Mrs. Albee Avon Barbie out of the box. She was only $15, and very lovely.

The only thing that upset me later when I looked at her closely was one of her shoes is missing. I do not know if it fell off when the lady put her in the bag, or it was never on her. I did not know her stand didn't come with her until I got her home and saw she was not on the stand and also missing a shoe. I love the facial expression on her though, so it may be possible to find a shoe replacement. I am as you can tell, collecting the Victorian styled/era Barbies I can find, as I would like to do a scene with a ladies' social for the Little House on the Prairie books scenes- such as the dime social that Laura goes to in Little Town on the Prairie later...But all in all, I am ok with the doll. Her dress is very lovely and this just might be my grown up Laura later on if I decide to put the head on another body.
But the REAL find from this ladys booth was the Jane & Michael set from the Mary Poppins series that was in 2008-2009??? I missed out on this and the Mary Poppins and the Dick Van Dyke doll. (Still kicking myself, by the She had them for $29 in their box!

Hubby had not yet shopped for a gift that he knew I wanted- it is next to impossible for him to keep up with dolly want list!! he said go ahead and get it, that will be from me. Right now they are under the tree and haven't been wrapped. These two will be wonderful with Mini Laura and Mini Mary. Did I say I also wanted to do a one room schoolhouse as well??lol....they are adorable dolls.
So after going to the Va. Bazaar, we drove back and decided to make a short cut at the old antique store we both like, Squash-A-Penny. It is in the middle of old downtown Doswell, right next to the train tracks. The store is situated in what used to probably be the old general store near the old hotel, as well as the old brick bank (now an antique store as well.) Very historic.
Here is hubby Chris walking in.

You cannot see it, but to the left of the picture is the railroad tracks. This was either the general store or part of the depot where you waited for the train. To the right of the picture is a huge old house that was originally the hotel.

The 'Shadow' knows- that's me taking a picture of this least they are honest- no bathroom or privy around here or around back! Just more antiques! This place has every type of hard to find vintage antique store fixture, you name it, yard art, and more. And their prices are reasonable I was hoping to find some props for the dolls, but nope nothing that would work for Barbietown. However, I made out like a bandit at the Va. Bazaar, so I'm not complaining..
Afterwards, on the way back- Squash a Penny is just a few miles off the road in front of Kings Dominion, so we were on our way back to Ashland and stopped for lunch at our favorite Mexican restuarant, El Azteca. Then onto home to do cleanup for entertaining the family tomorrow, and to start the polishing of the silver, washing some of the crystal and china, setting the table, etc. I love planning the holiday menu and this one is and fun to cook for. We had stopped by the Russel Stover candy outlet near the Va. Bazaar and picked up saltwater taffy and alot of chocolates for everyone...the factory has a small outlet store and you can get the chocolates cheaper buying directly from them.
So hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas, and Part ll of the Christmas pageant should be appearing either tomorrow or Christmas eve.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2013. You got lucky with Mrs. Albee Avon Barbie. I have in my collection to the children of Mary Poppins. They are very cute. Your shopping very well. Keep in touch

Lisa said...

thank you Marta!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on all the dolls. I really love the dress on the Victorian doll. The Mary Poppin kids will fit well in the prairie stories. Awww man! You were near Kings Dominion. I have such fond memories of going there when I was much younger. My family still frequents that place. I haven't been in many, many years. Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

lol...Vanessa, I live just a few minutes away from Doswell where Kings Dominion is. The Va Bazaar is about 20-25 minutes away in Ladysmith, further towards Fredericksburg, but not quite. I haven't been in years myself since stepdaughter was small, it has gotten really extremely expensive to go. The Va state fair is now moved to the old Freedlander plantation where Secretariat was born, it is beginning to be a 'happening' place in teh summertime there. Sqashapenny antique store is a left turn past the 7 eleven across the tracks on Doswell road, going right up beside the train tracks.