Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dinner with the Baroness...

It has been a while since I have been able to do any sort of dioramas, scenes, etc in Barbietown or Maison de la Royale for a while now. In preparation for some of my doll club buds who are coming out for another playdate, I decided to tidy the doll room and set up some scenes.
My favorite all time Fashion Royalty doll I have is Agnes Von WEiss in M Concerto. I don't know why, don't know if it is because I won her in a contest on the W club forum, but she is my favorite. So I decided that she needed some attention, as did the other Aggie in my collection. So they dressed up for dinner this evening, with Lucia as the maid in attendance and the men ready to snap to attention when either of the Agnes' feel they need some adoring males, lol.

I am sorry for the blurry pictures, even though I tried to backlight the scene, my pictures are coming out a little grainy.
I used the French courses Re-ment sets, the flower arrangement is a small 1:12 scale flower arrangement I won in a drawing at a miniature show in 2005 at Tyson's corner. The tablecloth is simply a large dinner napkin. Overall, I think the scene looks lovely. I simply hate this plastic Fortune toys table and chairs, they are too low. I had to raise the table up on a piece of wood riser, which made everything look more in scale. Agnes' white armchair is 1:6 scale Bespaq, a gift from my mentor, Pitt Ginsburg, and one of my most treasured pieces.
I have more pics to take, and finally purchased the Ken's mini coupe at Walmart on sale-$19!! I haven't yet taken it out of its box, but hope to have some great photos soon.

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D7ana said...

Love how elegant your FR dolls look ... congrats on the great setting. Excellent attention to details.