Saturday, August 18, 2012

Alice Blythe arrival....

I have't posted much, but mentioned in one of my previous posts I was waiting for a new arrival of a new doll- of course! And this time this was a Factory Blythe.  I won on her auction on Ebay and she actually arrived about a week or two ago, at the beginning of August. Because of her hair, I knew she would be a perfect Alice in Wonderland for the Alice Project.

I of course have Mattel's Mad Hatter, and a Dollfactory mouse, who works well as the Doormouse. Still working on finding a bunny anthro bjd that would work for the March Hare.

Alice is wearing the Moxie Girls' Alice outfit, and Only Hearts club shoes...I really need to get her a little pair of snazzy black boots , the silk ribbon I tied in her hair. She is so adorable! I want to make a bunch of variations on dresses for her.
Since having her arrive, I have found all kinds of Blythe silliness that is such fun on Flicker- which is my Alice is above holding Wubba Chickens!  Click Blythe and her Wubba Chiken! group on flicker, the pictures of these dolls holding the wubbas is so comical!

So I finally gathered up some of the Alice in WOnderland Re-ment, the Hatter, and Minuette mouse for a tea party for the wubbas arrival today. Enjoy the pics!

Most of the tea items are Alice in Wonderland tea Re-ment, except for the Ruetter porcelain teapot and china cup the wubbs are in that Alice is freaking over, and the cheshire in the little plastic cube. He came out of a gumball machine years ago!
The tea party is taking place in my Sindy kitchen diorama on one of my shelves in my doll room- the Mad Hatter is really too tall for the Rement table and chairs, though Alice works in it well. Still looking for a suitable table and chairs, out of wood, that will work. I have a Bespaq round tea table, but getting chairs is another story altogether that fit the dolls and wonderland theme.

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Pinkkis said...

Oh! I loved this one! Great job!