Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dolly Playdate!

So some doll friends came over, and we had a dolly playdate. We like to just get together, a few of us, and bring a doll, any doll, (mostly fashion dolls, W club, Tonner, Misakis, BLythe, ) anything from our collections or the 'new' dolls we haven't unboxed, get some pizza, and have a playdate. For the three or four us, though we can usually make our own hours , within reason, dolly playdates are big stress relievers for the three or four of us. Today it was just Karon and Sandra and I, Marina couldn't make it.

Sandra brought her Brad Pitt Tonner, (darn, I forgot to get pics of this guy- he is a gorgeous repaint!) and Karon brought some of her dolls she had received but hadn't deboxed. She brought one of her grails she received, and that doll was lovely- it was a convention doll. Sandra also brought some doll sofa sets she had bought on Ebay, and the dolls all got together. Karon brought her W Club entrance diorama set, I put Natalia in front of it, but she wasn't dressed right, so she got thrown out of the club, is what Karon said. LOL...this is the kind of fun we have when we play...  Warning: doll nudity

pictures aren't that great, but you get the idea. I told Karon I could have kicked myself for not buying the backdrop when it was on sale.

They were delighted with my Blythe, and Karon had brought her Misaki Red Rabbit, so we hadher drop in on the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Red Rabbit did not know what to think of the 'wubba chickens' but she looked like she enjoyed them! She is quite tall, so we did some manuvering to get her at the Rement table with Alice. I adore this Misaki, and wish I could find her at a reasonable price, she is ADORABLE.

After that, we set up the scene with Sandra's sofa and table set, and got some of the new dolls out for seems at first they were getting toknow each other, or acquainted...

Then it seems, Rocksteady Romain liked Erin, and Poppy was getting comfy with one of Karon's suave guys, and Natalia was really liking Count Adrian...and then!

eek! dolly orgy!

the three most shocking were Natalia- she's a maneater! lol...I told Sandra there must be something in that dolly Re-ment champagne they were drinking!

Be sure to hide your eyes- warning dolly plastic nudity!LOLL...

This is what happens when you get together pizza, soda, dolls and women who collect dolls! lol...
We had a great time, and are planning some more doll dates for Halloween, which will have a set theme for the next two dolly playdates. More to come on that later. Enjoy the pics!

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