Friday, August 24, 2012

Random pictures of Barbietown fun...

I haven't had much time since my dolly playdate with the Fun Four as we call ourselves, but took some random pictures, "just because"....I like to play! I am thinking my old repainted Ken is picking up the chicks with his new Mini Coupe!

I love the way the car looks outside of the sweet shop...speaking of that project, I still need to create a door for it...I just remembered that looking at these pics!
So I took some more pics, this time of my Walking Lively Barbie from 1971- or 1972, can't remember, in one of the vintage negligees in the mansion's beautiful bedroom.

Part of these photos were done with a flash, a little bright but a little better as far as color goes. My Sleeptime repro looks adorable with her- Walk Lively still walks, but I hesitate to put her on her stand since she is so old. Can you tell I finally tidied the Baroness' bedroom? gasp! I know she will be amazed after dinner with Lady Agatha, her cousin. (I think Lucia is trying to hint she is looking for another job other than the maid, LOL..)
mini McDonald's in Barbietown was packed- and it looks like Prince William was a customer!

It seems the McDonald family has hired a new worker- Olivia! She's quite young but wanted a summer job, as she is saving up to purchase baton lessons. Ricky is in the background trying to salvage an order he has botched up with the impatient Anja. (I think he gave her a greasy hamburger instead of the salad she ordered, lol)
Prince William (iincognito) appears to be waiting in line behind Bob Greene for his order, while Willow chats with one of the new town inhabitants.
Enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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