Monday, November 30, 2015

What's on my workspace...

Just a couple of quick pics of what's on my workboard. I have begun, finally with Thanksgiving and all of its drama out of the way, I can get back to my creative process once again. It has taken me literally weeks, and I say weeks, to find the time to sit down for the space of two or three hours and do this much work with the clay for my massive project- Santa's candy workshop. I created some rought gingerbread men, some rough candy canes, stick peppermint canes for the jars, and peppermint drops for the jars today. I also started work on the first of the gingerbread houses I wanted to make for this diorama project. 

Alot goes into working in caning in 1:6 scale and getting it correct and creating cookies and cakes, in this scale as it's larger. You cannot fudge as you can when you go smaller. The detailing has to be perfect, the edges have to be cut correctly, perfectly, so sanding sometimes has to be done, finishing on these tiny pieces has to take place before the 'real' decorating takes place. I do a combination of handpainting in 3-D and tiny formation of the face and gumdrop buttons on the gingerbread men in this scale. I actually love doing the Christmas cakes and cookies the most, because of the color.

Hopefully I will have more in the coming weeks as this diorama progresses. 
Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!~Lisa

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Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
These peppermints look wonderful! I'm looking forward to Sanda's candy workshop!! I love seeing miniature food and yours looks good enough to eat. :)