Monday, November 23, 2015

New Gowns for my girls....

Christmas is coming and I decided a few weeks ago I needed new gowns for my girls. I had been watching several sellers on Ebay but one had caught my eye because of their prices and the work on the dresses were just lovely. This seller was known as Doll Studio by Eaki .

I ordered five dresses, one long and four short sequined strapless gowns. Two or three of them in the same color were meant for Christmas gifts for doll friends. They averaged 16.99- to 21.99 and if you purchased five gowns you got free shipping. I had received a $5 coupon from Ebay (for being such a great spender) so my total came to less than the $84.99 plus free shipping from Thailand. Ordinarily, it is $8 per dress plus $4 per additional item, if ordering less than five. 

The red dress I ordered three of, but he included a green dress for FREE! What an incrediblely generous seller. The gowns are all lined. I have shown the sequined dresses on my Poppy Parkers. They will probably fit Silkstone Barbie or some of the Fashion Royalty dolls like Victoire better. He uses snaps which I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE! (I abhore those dreaded hooks without eyes that Integrity uses. grrrrr...) The long white gown I purchased for my darker skinned gals like Natalia and my Lucky Strike may be tight but it was gorgeous, and had a beading detail that hangs down from the sleeve. 

Here are some photos of the Poppys in their dresses.

The other dress I got was the long white gown and it is very lovely a mermaid gown. The chiffon train on it would make a perfect bridal gown. Eaki's dresses would be great to stock a ladies' boutique or outfit your girls for a evening fashion show or cocktail party for a reasonable price. 

Of course, my playboy Tony Stark cannot keep his eyes off of her in that dress. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!~Lisa


Muff said...

Gorgeous dresses and very 'tis the season looking.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Muff!