Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It was on my to-do list...

...that is., playing with the Comic balloon text  window in PicMonkey . It is one of those 'get-around-to-it' type of things that I have time for on weekends but I never have time for, you know what I mean? It takes time to configure and sometimes it is more fun to just post the pics than doodle with them. Just getting the little 'Good Morning, have a great day!' to fit perfectly in this balloon was fiddley. 

I have always loved Comic books- as a kid my favorites were the Archies, especially Betty & Veronica some of which I still have , but my especial favorites as a youngster were Richie Rich and his one of a kind Dollarmation ( which had dollar signs on it instead of spots). I still have stacks of those old comic books that were purchased for a quarter at the local 7-11 with a slurpee when I was a kid. Creating my own 'comics' now with dolls and props is kind of cool in a way, and much more elegant and 'richie-rich' like with the kind of props I use now and makes me smile. I guess that is why I identify with the show Big Bang Theory and when the guys talk about Mint IN box and Sheldon opens Leonard's Mego Transformer after his breaks because he knows Leonard will never opens his. I adored it when he said-'That is what 1974 smells like...' because that is exactly what I said when I opened my Country camper I purchased off of Ebay, only substitute  Mint in box. 

Long story short I hope to do more pics with these little balloons /conversations in them and maybe develop a real looking photostory. 
All for now- Lisa


The grandmommy said...

Fantastic! Another photo story. I never get enough. lol I am going to try that site because I always wanted to do that. Looking forward to your Richie Rich style stories. by the way Betty and Veronica were always my favorite. I liked Betty, but secretly liked Veronica with her snooty ways. LOL!

Betty said...

I guess that's with the upgraded PicMonkey? I like the idea. I'll have to take a look because it sounds like fun.

Farrah Lily said...

Gosh, I loved Betty and Veronica too! I can remember reading so many of them. My brother has a bunch of these comics still! I love Big Bang Theory as well as that was a great episode. I'm looking forward to your photo stories as well!

Lisa Neault said...

You don't have to use the upgraded version. Look for the themes, and it will have Comics, which will have the speech balloons in several styles, pick which one you want, and go from there to Text to insert, write your text into the balloon. It will allow you to stretch the balloon to how wide you need it. I used sized font 96 for my font and it worked ok but it was finicky to get it into the balloon.

I loved Veronica myself with all ofher clothes, her snooty rich ways, and how 'Daddy' was her answer to everything- I was a Daddy's girl too, lol but with my Dad who passed away and my stepdad and my grandfathers.

I am so lax on writing photostories!I will try to formulate and write more of them! Now that I have more time maybe more will come to me. I so admire Jatman, city circlez and all of them who can keep these stories going so well!