Friday, November 6, 2015

Agnes at the Mansion....

I finished editing the photos of Agnes at the mansion, and I'm really pleased with them. I have never really given alot of re-dress time to this lovely diva, and I'm glad I took the time to go through some of my dresses. The gown she is wearing is Concerto in M Agnes Von Weiss who was one of the very first Agnes at a W Club convention, who I was lucky enough by chance to win on a w club lottery on the forums. That doll is my favorite doll and her mansion is the mansion, Maison de la Royale, which resides in the doll room. I think in all right now I have about five Agnes dolls. They are quite literally taking over. She is one of my favorite characters,next to Elise Jolie and Victoire and of course, Poppy. 

She is so very stunning, isn't she? I just cannot get oer how she is so chic in this dress. She kind of oozes the 30's and 20's sleekness. I so loved that period with the furs, and the silk clinging to the body. 

Here's a little black and white and a little light play to give you an idea. Her luggage is in the background as she's just arrived home from the city for a weekend houseparty to the country. Let the cocktails begin, but after tea, of course...

A whole view of the mansion with the columns. Construction will begin as soon as the prop I have ordered arrives and Set B will be in full swing and my schedule settles down a bit from this week. Since Halloween is over with, I can rest now with the spooky dolls and begin to work on the mansions' Thanksgiving and Christmas decor in full splendor. Though it is a 'gothic' mansion , like all mansions it has a extravagant/luxury  factor and I want to take advantage of that with my divas. 

Part of the inspiration for this 'set' or diorama has been my Pinterest board,
Miniature Set Building and some wonderful pins of the movie, and its behind the scenes set builders- The Boxtrolls. Mainly of their homes, the lovely staircase, and the characters, the town, and so on. Other movies as well that required animation.  Building dollhouses is much like miniature set building but 1:6 scale is really when it gets into set building as the figures are life like and articulated and there is more detail. And the Gothic Mansion- Dark Hollows- is the culmination for me, of a dream of building a set. Just to see if I could do it. 

Today I will be getting lighting in my shop.I had purchased some lights to set up as my lighting sucked and it is difficult to take photos as once that upper floor was put in, the lower floor was very dark and there was no way to light it to get really good photos. These lights are extremely bright so I am going to have soften them so that will be another problem as it is a limited space. I may have to take one wall down to photograph this which will be difficult. One of the things that is great about this is the challenge of figuring out all the problems! It is fun, believe or now. I'm finally also getting to play with all my dolls. 

Here are some photos of Agnes that I will leave you with....

Tomorrow will be a busy, and hectic day as there is a doll show so I hope to get some pictures, and some cool items for the mansion. If not, I will have a post up later in the week!~Lisa

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Muff said...

The photo of her in the spotlight with the background darkened is glorious!