Saturday, November 28, 2015

A new gown for Agnes...

My new lottery dolls arrived, but I am going to save their de-boxing for another post. Along with them arrived a gown I ordered from Monaedolly on ebay, whose dresses are simply stunning. They make gowns for not only Silkstone & Fashion Royalty, but Tonner sized dolls and all the way up to Iplehouse/SD sized bjd's as well too, as well as Blythe, Momoko and Lati sized dollies too. I have been looking for reasonably priced momoko and Blythe clothing that was artisan and this seller does great work. My great friend Sandra orders two and three dresses at a time from this seller and we were in awe looking at her gowns. Check out my last dolly Fun Four get together. 

So I bought this stunning creation from them. Shipping runs about $8 with an additional $4 for each gown you purchase. I was really pleased with the gown . 



gown- Monaedolly ON Ebay

shoes- High Envy Erin by Integrity Toys
earrings- Victoire- which one escapes me at this moment. 
Table- OOAK Bespaq
poodles- dollhouse miniatures from local dollhouse store
carpet- dollhouse carpet
Christmas tree- dollar general
Eiffel tower statue- Michael's store
package- dollhouse miniature


Jaye said...

This gown is lovely. I may have to check out the seller.

Lisa Neault said...

the gowns are simply gorgeous. The pictures do not do them justice, I can promise you. Their communication is very good too. They were on vacation when I ordered and let me know the earliest time they could ship is when they got back on that Monday which I said wasn't a problem, since they are located in Thailand. I knew it would take a while for the item to arrive. I have been looking for stunning gowns and have found at least three designers on eBay that I think turn out exquisite work for the Silkstones and Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parkers and Color Infusion dolls, as well as the larger ladies like Ellowyne, Tonner and Kingdom Dolls and Sybarites if you collect 16 inch too.

Vanessa said...

Stunning gown! I love the color.

Lisa Neault said...

I do too! I hesitated at first, but thought what the heck. I missed out on a red gown she had. The tulle is lovely and extremely fine and thin, not horrid thick, she uses high quality tulle on the gowns with a lace for the bodice. Sometimes snaps or hooks for closure, but a very good fit whether it is a silkstone or poppy or a FR2.