Saturday, November 14, 2015

Santa's workshop & new Prop item alert...

I have been distracted by my plans for decorating the Gothic mansion for Christmas  and working on its second half,  Set B with the staircase, as well as dusting off Santa's workshop from last year and doing some more dioramas with it this year. 

If you remember, last year this was Santa's workshop with a dollhouse assembly line. Santa's workshop will be in full swing this year, but with another added addition to his I am working on that too. 

So....prop alert. Yesterday I went to Michael's to begin to get the needed wallpaper and scrapbook papers for the added addition to the set for the staircase and stumbled across these 2 ft trees with snow and lights. They take 3 AA batteries. 

On the box it stated they were 19.99 each, but were 40% off until today which made them 11.99 each. I grabbed three of them. They also had four ft. ones as well which really would have rounded out the mansion, and they were more. Ugh. I hate sales sometimes especially when doll sales are going on! Especially since the  W Club is doing lotteries and sales at the same time! 

Ok, now that my financial woe rant is over, is what the trees look like with dolls. I did not have batteries to fully test them out yet. 

I think these trees look stunning. I can think of so many scenes with so many dolls they will look great my Queen of the dark forest, my vampire dolls, etc. I am going to try to get two four ft trees too. 

I de-boxed my new Christmas 2007 Barbie and took photos of her with these trees and she looks stunning. So glad I picked her up at the doll show. 

Hopefully I will have more on the mansion, but it is slow going. I have been distracted with some rather distressing and depressing family members this week, which has wreaked a little havoc. It is hard to focus with negative people and drama in your life. Hopefully that will be over with soon. 

All for now- Lisa


Anonymous said...

Your work is incredible!!!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Anonymous!

Brenova said...

Fabo! So looking forward to your vision.

Vanessa said...

Oh my! You have the best toys. I love the naked doll. The Lionel train set caught the eye of Julian and Jacob. Love the trees, too. They will look great with future holiday scenes.

Lisa Neault said...

The little naked doll was purchased at a miniature show and has never been wigged or dressed, she is actually a tiny replica of a Jumeau bebe made by a miniature artist, can't remember her name. She used to sell kits and you could buy the hair to make the wigs, the patterns to make the intricate clothing, etc. or the dolls finished like this which I did. Vanessa,I have another unfinished porcelain doll that looks like a fairy from another artist. I like them unfinished like this because it will look good if Ihave a table full of dolls and one of the Poppys dressing/working on dolls, lol.

The lionel train set is a 2003? hallmark christmas ornament that actually moves when you plug it in. It might even make sound if I remember correctly, you might be able to get it on ebay. I used this in my dollhouse for the boys train room and saved it for the Tommy dolls and thought it would work great for Santa's workshop too.

The trees are a great deal and work great with the dolls, and our towns. Very reasonable too.
Brenova, stay tuned for more!

Muff said...

Thanks goodness I haven't been to Michaels in forever or I would have bought those trees, LOL.