Thursday, November 5, 2015

From Pillar to Post....

I have been preoccupied with getting the columns for the interior of the mansion done. One of the problems I faced was not only my schedule but the PVC material I chose to make the columns out of. PVC pipe is coated with a laminate of some sort as I was informed by my hubby, who works with it and cut down the columns with his saw for me since his PVC pipe cutters were too small for this pipe thickness. So the columns had to be sprayed in very thin layers with the spray paint and allowed to dry in stages, which takes longer. It got done, just took me longer with my schedule and I haven't had time to get by the shop to work on anything else lately. 

So here is a picture with the columns installed! And some of my more 'new' Fashion Royalty ladies enjoying the mansion, who haven't had much camera time.

These two photos show the downstairs and upstairs with the columns in place and a doll able to stand on the upstairs floor for staging.  

Some of these ladies are fairly recent acquisitions such as Edge Vanessa and Mademoiselle Jolie, but Purity Dasha has just recently been de-boxed a few months ago when I was doing hat commissions and needed a really snooty model. I think she was from 2013 or 2014? W club. I never de-boxed her as I was so undecided on her but could not bring myself to sell her. I loved her face sculpt and skin tone and wanted to find the right evening gown for her before I began to put her in another outfit. Right now I am shopping for long, beautiful evening gowns for my girls, as I would like to have a really big evening event for them. More on that later. I think Dasha looks stunning next to this red velvet wallpaper, don't you?

I think this is another Vanessa. She too, is still in her original outfit except for the shoes, which are Starlight Poppy's. Out Sass Vanessa- that's it. I never could bring myself to undress her because she made such a fantastic shopper in that cute suit for LaBelle's. Some dolls I debox and they just become continuous shoppers in my town. This time I would like to find a gown for that beautiful hair. 

Mademoiselle Jolie expects service and expects it quickly! The great and powerful Oz is the perfect butler in that suit. Some dolls, especially playline ones, make the perfect maid, cook or butler in my dioramas because of their looks or articulation. Oz has and was purchased with the full intention of being Agnes' butler or footman from Day 1 of his arrival in the dollhouse. 

I will have more pictures up as I edit them and watermark them. Regretfully, I have had to begin to watermark my pics instead of just posting them as I have found some of my pictures have been used without my permission or without someone asking in the past, so I am attempting to take this measure. 

I will have some more photos up tomorrow, this is it on the progress so far. Hopefully that much needed prop for the rest of the mansion's progress will arrive by next week and we can get on with the next wing's building or rather, Set B! 


Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
It looks like things are coming along nicely for the mansion! Oz really does make the perfect butler. :) The photos on the bottom floor look especially nice and realistic. I hope you get more time in your schedule to work on this! I often wish I could just do this full time as it's so much fun!
xo Farrah

Lisa Neault said...

Farrah, I think I will. The prop that is holding me up will be well worth the wait. And the gothic mansion now will be moving into Thanksgiving and Christmas splendor, with all the trimmings since we are done with spooktacular Halloween, though I may do a few more spooky photos. But a huge mansion project is something I have always wanted to do.

Vanessa said...

Your new ladies are lovely. The posts are perfect for the mansion, and yes that butler is the right person for the job.