Saturday, June 6, 2015

Some quick photos of LaBelle's...

I have been awol  for a long time...I have been preparing for my Va. Fashion doll club tomorrow, which I will be doing a demo on how to create miniature breads. Plus alot of hectic stuff, though fun this week, has been keeping me busy every other evening this week in the beginning of June. It has also been incessantly raining which has also got me off my schedule of walking. Today on Saturday was the first sunny day we have had in over a week, but I was too pooped out and also too busy preparing for tomorrow and playing catch up to do anything about it. lol..

I thought I would post something for here are a few photos of my Grande Seduction Victoire dressed as one of the Mademoiselles of LaBelle's helping a customer. I have had her a long time, so long I didn't debox her for a while. I got her out of that scalloped evening gown and into something more professional and chic for working in Romanine's fashion house.

I promise I will have tons of pics tomorrow and hopefully have a blog post up with some wonderful vintage and mod dolls. I've missed blogging here...Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Victoire is beautiful, I look forward to see some pictures from your club's meeting. lucky girls, having you as a teacher for the occasion!

Lisa Neault said...

LOL...I have been so neglectful of the blog, so busy. Yesterday I was getting dolls and stuff ready for the meeting this morning. Hope to have alot of pics today.