Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Express Post: World Doll Day Tag....

It is only just now that I was lazily browzing through my blogs and catching up on my reading when I read Billa's Blog and realized I had been tagged in the World Doll day tag post. Duh, I've been so slow on catching up on blog posts  so here it goes.

World Doll Day I wasn't sure of but I'm late to the party. Here's how it works.

Here are the Rules-

1. List 3 favorite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist
3. Tag 5 people do the same thing!(can be anyone, not just bloggers, anyone from the web)

So here are my lists.

Ones I got last year. 

Joyous Celebration Poppy Parker. I loved the gown, and vintage Francie look. She was simply stunning. One of the most lovely Poppy's I own. 

Holiday Celebration Poppy Parker. She is simply divine. When I had the chance, I bought her. You give up the kidney, no questions asked. lol. 

Registration Gloss Convention Erin doll. I received more dolls that are favorites from last year, but hey, only three.  So onto my other lists....

My wishlists....

True Royalty Vanessa has been on my wishlist as long as I can remember but I haven't won the lottery yet.  When I do, she will be the first thing I buy. 

In 2010, the IFDC 's theme was Alice in Wonderland and Jason Wu was the Designer of the dolls. I never could get my hands on this doll, the Red Queen. Again, another holy grail I need.

And another from that year's the Misaki Alice. She goes for simply insane prices but is adorable. I have always wanted her for my Alice collection and have looked at reproducing the outfit concept. She's so steampunk looking and has a look of the movie with Johnny Depp. She would go perfect with my Mattel Johnny Depp Mad Hatter. 

Now onto tagging 5 suckers I mean bloggers.....

1. D7ana
3. Muff
4. Phyllis
5. Miranda


D7ana said...

Lovely dolls, Lisa. Thanks for sharing them. I'd never seen either of those 2 Poppies.

Aw ... you shouldn't have tagged me, lol. Kidding - I feel honored (duped?) It's nice to be asked ;-)

I hope you win the lottery so you can get those grail dolls, too!

april_n_paris said...

LOVE your taste in dolls!!!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, wonderful dolls!!! You know I adore Erin, and the two Poppies are perfect dolls. But your grails stunned me, what gorgeous dolls!

Lisa Neault said...

LOL, D7ana,I'm in the tagged, duped club too, But it is nice to be asked. Billa tagged me, :).Thank you Billa!

Yes everyone, my wishlist contains dolls that belong to a champagne and caviar doll budget while my budget is beer and peanuts :( TrueRoyalty right about now runs close to $899 on a good dolly day or close to a grand NRFB. :( The dress has been know to go for about $200-300by itself. I know some people who have patiently purchased each seperate piece of the giftset, piece by piece.

I only own one of my grails, and that is Sybarite Slipper.I lucked out and was able to buy her from a collector on Prego when Superfrock announced the new body and the Sybarite collectors started to get rid of their old Sybs making way for the new ones. She needs to be restrungs but hey that's ok, she is Slipper.

The IFDC dolls Red Queen and Alice go for anywhere from $399-400 and Alice Misaki goes for about $399-450, depending on who is selling her. Sometimes less. Depends on how fast they want to move her too. You have to move quick and have the cash when you see them at a good price...this sounds awful but usually when someone needs quick cash and is selling them at a good price that is not obscene but reasonable for a rare doll. So if you saw Red Queen going for $250 or 275 hey you better grab her, that's an outrageously reasonable price. I've missed out because I'm too poor, LOL....

I have alot of other grail dolls too, like ones by Mattel = Madame du Barbie or the one that looks like Marie Antoinette. These are the ones I truly want, want want.

Phyllis said...


Glad to see you joining the fun! I was tagged by Farrah Lily and Jaye, and have done my post already! I thought I better do it before I got tagged again! Anyway, you have a very interesting and expensive wish list! LOL! Oh, I also contacted Denise about the Ruruko dolls and she added me to her list, so hopefully I will get one soon. Thanks for the link.

Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
I just saw Joyous Celebration PP on ebay not long ago and thought she was stunning. I really like your Erin as well. I can see why that steampunk Alice would look nice with your Johnny Depp-she's so pretty!
Great post (and thank you for the follow on my blog!)

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Phyllis i was tagged by Billa so thought I should get my post in too. I follow so many creative dolly people who blog. My collection is eclectic because I have so many interests that it reflects,- I love fantasy, fairytales, and the challenge of reproducing them in 1/6 with props and dioramas, more so than pure haute couture high end fashion. You can't really label me a 'real' fashion doll collector as I like so many different types of dolls. I look mainly at the dolls' face molds and their articulation to see if it will fit my diorama then their clothing is a secodary factor, versus whether they are a pretty doll for a display case. That is one reason why Integrity ticks me off with the scale of their female dolls.
Farrah, I loved your blog with your rural scenes. I live out in the country too and work from home as my husband and I own two businesses- one I just shut down- the miniature business so I can focus on his. I love it. Your collection and photos are beautiful and so restful.

Farrah Lily said...

Thank you so much, Lisa, that is so nice of you to say. I work from home as well as a telephonic RN case manager and it's so nice to be able to do that. I always feel so inspired by your dioramas and beautiful IT dolls. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Farrah Lily! Once you give in, you never go back. I like Barbie, and I do occasionally complain about the W Club(as all members do) but their dolls are just something you love once you start to collect. The quality, the packaging, it is like opening a miniature work of art each time. They really set my doll room apart. So glad my little dioramas give you inspiration, and thank you !