Thursday, June 11, 2015

Queen of the Dark Forest on sale today at!

This doll was just announced today, rather late in the day with free shipping- whoo hoo! when collectors have literally been begging to know when she would be available. (I know, I've been one of them.) Dark forest elf grabbed me, but didn't grab me last September/October because I had the Fashion Royalty convention to attend and couldn't spare the dough for a doll with a model muse body and no articulation even IF she was the goddess sculpt with elf ears! (I need a little more oomph! to spend three 

The second doll, Lady of the White Woods, well, she blew me away with that sculpt, the skin tone, the makeup, the jewelry. I wasn't crazy about the poofy dress but I loved the hair and she did look out of this world. That's when I began to want Faraway Forest Elf but wasn't willing to pay secondary ebay prices. 

Today I went in and ordered this little lady on Quick Shop and she is already backordered like her previous sister- until July 9th. Luckily I had saved my June reward, but didn't get free shipping. She will look stunning with my haunted dolls and Dracula. She's got a evil look about her like there's some dragons lurking about behind her, and some little sprites ....She will look awesome in some Halloween dioramas. 

Happy ordering to those that are looking forward to this little lady!~Lisa


Farrah Lily said...

Congrats on your new doll! She looks very cunning and sinister..and beautiful! :)

Lisa Neault said...

Yep! I can hardly wait for this one, but it will be a month before she's here!

Muff said...

I'm getting a distinctive Maleficent vibe from her but she is very well done.