Friday, June 19, 2015

Ruruko Dreaming is in the House!

I had FOUR dolls arrive today! Hubby got home early today so couldn't hide the dollies arriving. My W club registration dolls came in and so did my gorgeous little Ruruko Dreaming that I had ordered from Denise Travers of 
Peach of A Doll .

To make this dolly week even more exciting, I have ANOTHER doll coming in this week as well. Oh the pleasures of having friends on facebook who love to clean out their multiples on Facebook, Dollpages, and the dolly boards. 
Mr. Dollface or Sal was by chance selling a Barbie Basics Model No. 14 of the very hard to find 002.5 collection, with the platinum white blonde hair. I have included the link from so you can see what she looks like. He had even put her on a pivatol body!! Usually this doll runs into obscene prices on the secondary market. She's a black label and looks stunningly like the 1st Haunted Beauty ghost. (which is why I wanted her!) ta da! Hopefully she will arrive tomorrow. (doing the dolly dance). 

But back to Ruruko Dreaming arriving today. I took some adorable pics of her today. I will get to deboxing the rest of my lovelies and think of suitable photo shoots for them. I am tired of taking quickie photo shoots, I want to take some really nice photos of each one before introducing them into the doll room before they disappear. My little Ruruko is promising to steal my heart with that little oldfashioned sweetness she has going on.  I think I may name her Rose, after Laura Ingall's daughter, Rose Wilder Lane. 



Phyllis said...

I got my W Club dolls a couple of days ago too. This is my first year as a member of the W-club, so I was excited indeed to get them! I love your Ruruko. Ruruko is on my grail list! I have all of the Barbie Basics 2.5 dolls that I got several years ago before the prices were so crazy. They are all gorgeous! Their original body is the Pivotal Body. I wish that Mattel would have put all of the Barbie Basics on that body!

Congrats on getting your dolls!

Jaye said...

Lisa, the Ruruko doll is absolutely adorable. Congratulation on the new Barbie.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Jaye! Phyllis, I am such a lazy person on all of the Barbie Basics, Simply L-A-Z-Y. I don't know why. I guess I like to buy them when they are dirt cheap at walmart and I should just pony up and buy them when I see them at full price, lol. I don't always keep up with them and really didn't even notice the 002.5 girls until they had come and gone, so to speak. That's how clueless I was on the basics line.

I've included the link to Denise's website so you can contact her to get onto her 'list' as she is on the boards such as Doll Divas and Facebook. She advertises on FB heavily, so you can go in and friend her to keep up with the new releases. She goes to all of the conventions and sells out of her room too- I helped her set up her room at the 2014 convention and she's a dear. Her Ruruko prices are really great and sometimes she does two runs on the dolls for preorders, that is how I got this little darling. I hope this info helps, it never hurts to email her. She is really a gem in the doll world as far as dealers.

Farrah Lily said...

Congrats on all of your new fun to get a bunch at once, isn't it? Your Ruruko Dreaming is such a pretty thing. I had never heard of her before, but she sort of reminds me of the character Luna in the Harry Potter movies. My favorite photo is the 2nd to last...great perspective!

Vanessa said...

Your Ruruko doll is wonderful. Yes, she has the 'steal your heart' face going on. Perfect for your period stories.