Monday, June 8, 2015

Mad for Mod June doll club meeting...

As promised, our Va. Fashion doll club had our meeting and its theme was 'Mad for Mod' or vintage Mod Barbie. It was an early brunch meeting since this era of Barbie encompasses so large of an era- 1967- 1974? I think is the time. Debbi, our club President, Janice and Jodie got together dolls from their combined collections to showcase the styles of Wedding/formal, winter, sportswear, spring/summer, fall, and so on. There were about 175 vintage dolls dressed in the outfits of that era and the names on the stands.We also had a posterboard with the different dolls and their swimsuits. There were a couple of games we also played that were fun with some random prizes to see how much 'mod' trivia we knew. 

Ok, pour yourself a Grown up Shirley Temple or a drink and settle down, lots of pics!

The meeting was at Jodies' house and I also took pics of her incredible doll room (neat as a pin! envious- still wish mine looked like that- lol) and collection!  We start off the picture mania with our club President putting the finishing touches on the INSANE display which took two days to put up in preparation for the meeting...yep, this club loves Barbie!

Ok, take another sip, more dolls are coming!

These were the dolls and vintage Volkswagon bus displayed on Jodie's mantel as well as the 'mod' sayings from the 70's that were displayed all around the room and we were encouraged to talk 'groovy' like It was fun and created a party atmosphere for the meeting. The posterboard display was pretty indepth as you can see. Too much info? Ok, I promised more dolls, here they come...

Ok, not sick of vintage, mod Barbie yet? You sure? Don't worry- there's more-
some dolls on the table that we each brought in a vintage mod outfit. 

Jodie's Doll Room- 
On the ends of the shelves are dioramas This one below is adorable of a kitchen 
with Ken and Barbie

Barbie and Jonathan Adler...

Silkstones at rest...
Below are Skipper and Skooters with their vintage bunkbeds.

Lady of the White woods and Jodie made her own escort for her....

Jodie's Harry Potter collection

Jodie's Wizard of Oz collection 
Above the shelves were her vintage foldup dollhouses

The dolls on the shelves, are three- to four deep on risers that her husband made for maximum display space. 

The doll room was alos our sales room= Laurie had brought this vintage house to sell. I brought some mini foods- that cake tin on the bed behind it had bunches of mini foods and some people brought dolls and outfits to sell. 

                                    This is her Bild Lilli collection
This is mostly all of Jodie's doll room- what an incredible vintage collection. I love how she has shelves protected by plexi doors. And the cute little way she hangs the clothes on the back of the closet doors with those little towel hangers- so adorable yet decorative. Don't worry I have more dolly photos to pelt you with!

This last one gives you a look at how across one wall the shelving is in Jodie's doll room and the doors across the middle are made  to close- they open up into the middle of the room yet take up alot but keep the dust out. I have thought of doing something similar in my own upgraded doll room but I have different spin on what I am going to do.

And last but not least, I did a polymer clay french bread demo for the ladies who have been interested in how to create miniature foods. I created this bread market stall in mind so they could see what you can do with the many different ways to display your polymer clay creations other than just a table. My demonstration was mainly short, how to create a french loaf of bread like the ones to the left. It was alot of fun and simple to do. 
Well I hope you enjoy the photos! more in my Flicker albums! Our meeting was supposed to be from 10 am to 230 pm, but I didn't get home until 5 pm, I had so much fun. That's the way it is when you're around a bunch of dolls, lol....I mean people.....Lisa


The Duke of Swann said...

Very very nice post. Your collection op 60/70's Barbies and accessories is huge. It waa interesting to see.

Lisa Neault said...

Thanks Daniel but this is not my collection, this was a presentation of dolls from three different collections of mod vintage Barbie at my Va. Fashion doll club that I belong to. I also took pics of one of the club member's doll room, so none of this is my personal collection, as I am not a vintage collector, so just wish to make that clear.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing, it must have been a lot of fun!
I was sure that your workshop would have been a success, lucky girls.

Jewell said...

A feast for the eyes and informative, too- Now that, in my opinion, is the best kind of doll club meeting. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Billa, yes it was and the members had fun watching the demo. Jewell, it is the best kind of meeting. We put alot of effort into it, and since our meetings are every other month, we have plenty of time to plan this extravaganza type of meeting.

D7ana said...

Wow. what a groovy set-up! Man, I dig seeing all those cats in vintage gear.

LOL, looks like you had a ball. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing the dolls AND the dioramas ;-)

Lisa Neault said...

You're welcome D7ana.I have to admit I have become addicted to the mod barbie era too, the outfits look amazing on my favorite doll, Poppy, so I have begun scoping Ebay, another addiction to shop for!

Muff said...

Loved this post! So awesome to see so many dolls and eras in fashion.