Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss

So here she registration doll, Aristocratic Baroness Agnes Von Weiss. I love everything about this one. I sold my convention Agnes, regretfully, but I already had a black headed Agnes so wasn't missing out on that. I now have two red headed Agnes' but I didn't have a striking platinum blonde. This one oozes that 40's chic.Her Gloved hands really add to the outfit.  Rebecca over at her blog Inside the Fashion Doll Studio has done some marvelous shots of her in her outfit and redressed, you need to check it out. Collecting Fashion dolls by Terri Gold also had a great post on her too, along with Ollie. I don't think she is a big Poppy fan. Me, I'm saving Poppy for last as she's a big sweet that is like candy- you save the best for last. :) 

She has great accessories. I did not put her earrings in as 1- I'm getting old and didn't feel like fighting with with the tapestry pin and 2- possibly losing another earring post.  No bitching about her shoes either- thankfully Integrity saw the wisdom of giving her pumps with this outfit. (thank goodness for vintage outfits and curse modern for those cursed tie up and laceup gladiator heels! lol! what village idiot thinks they make a woman's feet attractive has been watching too much late night porn, lol) 
Now onto what you've been waiting for...the diorama.

A person of interest has come into the sunroom after Detective Oliver Lawson left. Quickly she examines the gun. 

Expertly with gloved hands she examines the hammer and the revolver.No other bullets were loaded. 

One wonders what such a chic and elegant woman would blatantly walk through crime scene tape and tamper with evidence. Quietly, she listens for footsteps to see if anyone is coming. 


      Perceiving no one is coming,she continues with her examination of the gun and the room. She seems unintimidated by the blood and chalk outline of the body.  This cool, chic woman seems to be doing an investigation of her own...

Quietly, Detective Oliver Lawson has walked back to the crime scene and in shock sees the crime scene tape torn down from the door and an elegant woman holding the gun that has not yet been processed. She immediately senses his prescence in the room.

Within minutes, he has her cornered after he startles her. She drops the gun and immediately gives in to his questions, or so he thinks....

But his questions come up with more questions than answers as he quickly finds this elegant woman can turn the tears on and off like a faucet...and the rules do not apply to her. 
"Why did you compromise a crime scene?' he asks...
"She was my friend! She couldn't kill herself!! I don't believe it! " She wails, through crocodile tears...rightly so.
"You didn't answer my question...why did you pick upthat gun??" he asked again...
"I used to own a revolver like that. I always suspected Evie might have taken it. She was always jealous of me. She used to be jealous of my boyfriends, my clothes, my trust fund, ..."
"What???your trust fund??" the detective splutters..
"Evie was soooooo competitive. We were Debutants together.  You wouldn't understand Detective. Her father lost it all in 2008 real estate crash. The poor thing just couldn't keep a man."
"So was that your gun?" asked Detective Lawson.
"I will have to look up the papers on it.It wouldn't surprise if it is. It would be just like Evie to do this.  It looks like it could be."
"I suggest you look them up. And don't go out of town Miss--"
"Miss Von Weiss. Agnes Von Weiss"


Phyllis said...

Great dialogue and photos! Can't wait to see who dunit!

Lisa Neault said...

Glad you enjoyed it! I thought it needed some work, but the dialogue came to me as I looked at the pics and the staging. Sometimes I let the dolls tell the story themselves, it's more fun that way.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Love the photostory, she's a real noir femme fatale, hope to read more, will Poppy fit in the picture?

Farrah Lily said...

She is a stunning doll! I love her face and the contrast between her pale hair and bright red lips is so pretty. I agree..40s glam for sure. Great miniature props and photos story!

Lisa Neault said...

Billa, she is a femme fatale, isn't she? Farrah, I thought she had that vintage 40's glam look too, she just oozes it.

I am trying to figure out how to fit Poppy into the picture. That may be kind of tough.It'll come to me though. I hope to have some time today if the light is good.

Muff said...

Love that dialog!