Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neglected dolls....

Ever have that euphoria in dollyland after the order rush? Where you have been pelted with dolls? Now that the Integrity webinar is past us and the ordering, pre-ordering, and emptying of our wallets has been done, (eek!) along with Mattel's horror of sneaking in sales with free shipping and more dolls! As well as Tonner's Guilty Pleasures Convention line unveiled - yes, I know I swore NO  16 inch dolls! But I am slowly being drawn in. After seeing their sob! gilded chaise lounge that sold out in minutes, or hours, and their Deju Vu! Line which is simply calling me with its 18th century line. I am holding out for my 12 inch divas but with Integrity unveiling its FR16 exquisite ladies I can't hold on much longer. And I own all of this 1:4 scale Bespaq for my Slipper who is lonely. I thought this year with all the lovely 16 inch dolls I would be a goner and there would be some creeping into the doll room. I even phoned my doll friends who I would was sure would enable me. Luckily, they enabled me to buy more 12 inch dolls! lol...So where was I? Oh yes, onto the already neglected lovelies residing in the dollroom...

Today I used Colette, I think she is. She was from the Gloss 2014 Fashion Royalty Convention and she had a Poppy body with high heel feet. She was our tote bag registration doll. At one of the dinners or luncheons I forget, we got a little fashion pak with a little fur, handbag, jewelry, hat to dress her up. She came with an amazing pair of gold shoes. Her hair is gorgeous and so is her expression. I think this was one of my favorite dolls at convention! The registration doll?? I have left her in her plain tan outfit for months standing in the dollhouse. Today I took the red heels from one of the outfits at convention and put her in some jeans and a little mid drift top. She looks like a hot jeans and heels type of chic to sleek and sexy in a cocktail dress as well. She hasn't received any camera time at all.

This gas pump from Hobby Lobby has been getting a workout. I finally went back and got the matching one! I just haven't shown the two together. 

Another doll who got a new outfit and some camera time is Dream Teen Poppy Parker. Here she is showing off her new Kitty Purse. I finally found this accessory by Mattel. You have to watch for them at Walmart or Target, some are more popular than others.

This one comes with little silver cat ears hair piece, a pink pair of stack heels,  a pair of black flats, a pink plastic necklace, and a silver plastic bracelet.
Poppy is with a squeeze, wearing the black flats. 
The outfit is the shirt and skirt are also those one piece accessory packs from Mattel that you can buy. You can't beat under 2.48 for an outfit for the dolls, which can be mixed and matched with other doll outfits. Also, if you're outfitting a diorama doll boutique, multiples are easy to buy to hang on the racks for dolls to shop! 

Now I thought you might like to know about a new blog I stumbled upon called  Doll Therapy  the post I've directed you to is hilarious as it is from May, but scroll to the side to June's more recent posts. Her blog is funny and she is a collector mainly of Tonner but also collects other dolls as well. It made me pass the time this morning when one of my Facebook friends posted the link as I myself have been sorting through doll clutter and real life clutter and sometimes the two get intertwined. 
Have a great weekend!


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, I believe the first doll is a first generation Erin sculpt, very sweet. I think that the giftset from the convention was simply amazing!
I think she looks beautiful in her new outfit.
And how cute is Poppy's new handbag!

Lisa Neault said...

Thanks Billa. I KNEW i had the name wrong! I think she is my first Erin! I think from all of the dolls at convention she was one of my favorites. I have to admit the Erin, Dark Moon Poppy and the Color Infusion dolls, and the Victoire were some of my favorites. The cheaper the dolls the better I liked them, lol..

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Lol Lisa, this is a great thing, when I see the convetion dolls I usually fall desperately in love with some impossibly expensive "grail", I was really tempted by Erin she's the most beautiful Erin I've seen so far!

Lisa Neault said...

Billa, me too. While at convention I sold the Vanessa 2.0 in the purple dress centerpiece doll I won on the first dinner to pay for expenses. She was lovely, lovely gown, but sometimes you have to sell a doll to pay for the convention expenses and she was one of the ones everybody wanted. I sold her to disenchanted deb on flicker at convention, she's a lovely lady to meet.
Suprisingly, the centerpiece dolls were lovely, and I still have a couple I have tried to sell- I sold my intimate agnes but still have my Giselle and another one that was lovely too. I may still debox them. I love this little lady and I'm still looking for some outfits for her.

Vanessa said...

I always enjoy seeing Poppy. I have that handbag. That outfit is really cute, too. I may have to be on lookout for that one. I've seen some gas pumps at Hobby Lobby, but they have been slightly bigger than this one. I'll have to take another look.