Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sushi & Snow...

I had an enforced snow day today...which meant not much was done in the office. Many of you may not know but miniatures, and doll furniture and my own creations that I sell through King William Miniatures and my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios are not the only two businesses I run...I also handle the office part of my husband's boiler company, 
LeoPaul & Associates . My husband has worked in the heavy industrial and commercial industry of boiler maintenance and repair and when he started his business, it was a stretch to go from packing doll furniture to writing invoices for boiler repairs and parts. Since January has been so cold and full of snow and it has continued into February, our business has picked up and so have my frenetic days of tracking parts, dealing with trucking and shipping companies, vendors and a myriad of other details. While it is fulfilling, it can be somewhat frustrating and mind make a long story short, I got a reprieve today because of the torrential snowstorm we have been having along with 'thunder-snow'- yep a thunderstorm while it Virginia!
Here is what I worked on today- just because I was bored and needed a break...Sushi!

Above is a photo I took through our den window, hence the screen. That is our yard and part of our driveway--and the road. Yep, you can't see the road because it's covered in snow and ice...on the other side of the road is a field...which looks like whiteout conditions. 
Below are some pictures I did in the kitchen with my hybrid Barbie basics-Hanoko  she is on a LIV doll body- My IT direct - Sachiko, and Love the One Kyori who hasn't received very much camera time but was glad to be with her cousins...I need more Asian dolls for an Asian themed family. I really want to do a Japanese steak house type of restuarant and have some plans for that diorama theme...Hinamatsuri is coming up soon on March 3rd.

The chopsticks are toothpicks cut in half and sanded. I hope to make some more of these items and perfect them a bit. Today was a huge stress relief and I loved it. Enjoy!

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