Monday, February 3, 2014

More Chateau project diorama spam...

More Chateau project picture spam....this time, you may notice the diorama looks a little different. The floor is a 24 w x 36 inch long piece of cardboard, with the Home Depot wood tile squares stuck to it- they have the peel and stick backs. This makes the floor more in period to look like parquet flooring so popular at the Petite Trianon and in the private appartments of Versailles. The doors open a little smoother on this floor too. 
Though yesterday was the Superbowl and I thought of staging a superbowl party for my boys, I could not get it together enough figuring out clothing and props, so that may be for another picture time. If you are on Pinterest please be sure to follow my board on this ongoing project! I also have other boards- almost over 60, with the most interesting 1:6 scale dioramas and dollhouses I can find. I love Pinterest, I secretely call it my electronic hoarding for ideas and inspiration. 
Thank you!

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