Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Japanese room in 1:6 scale

I finished the back wall with the wall hangings and the niche today and set up the Re-ment Hina set. It looks great. I just need to finish the other side wall with another faux Shoji door, and this room will be complete in time for Hinamatsuri on March 3rd.

The table is made of scraps of wood. The four panels on the wall are copied from the internet and printed, then put onto scraps of foamcore with the edges painted gold. I think they were called the Four Seasons. Hinamatsuri set is made by Re-ment and is one of my most treasured miniature pieces..I have extras which I will scatter about the room. 
I currently have a Mini American Girl doll Ivy who I purchased online from Walmart for $15 to be the little girl in this scene, and a Man of Asia GI Joe will also be on the way soon, I hope. My Kyori and him will be a couple with Ivy as their little girl. Miss Happiness (Hanoko) is my Barbie Basics asian doll shown above, and my IT Summer will be Sachiko or Miss Flower- I have not yet dressed her in a kimono for this scene.
The unusual wooden dinner set with carp goldfish painted on it was a set purchased in Chinatown when I was a child in New York, when my father took us on a trip up there. I still remember that little shop in Chinatown, I was about thirteen at the time. I am hoping to use this room for the main room also when I create the Shogun Japanese restuarant later. So for the month of March and possibly April I will be immersing myself in Japanese culture for these dioramas, which I have enjoyed building and researching.


Vanessa said...

You did an awesome job on the room. Looks very authentic.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Vanessa! I did a little bit of research on a traditional Japanese home, it was quite fascinating how they live/decorate their homes. After the Japanese doll festival this will probably become my Japanese restuarant.