Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Chateau Project: the Princesse de Lamballe

Marie Antoinette has been lonely in her lovely salon in progress; so I decided to work on one of the dolls that would resemble one of her greatest friends- the Princesse de Lamballe.
In real life, the Princesse de Lamballe was one of the first ladies who Marie Antoinette met at the Court of France when she was a young Dauphine, newly married. Her tragic death came much later, but she was one of the most loyal friends of the doomed Queen. 
Here is a portrait I worked from to determine what doll to use. My dilemna is I was not necessarily going for a carbon exact copy of the person in question, but a doll that would be a more mirror image and fit the scene I was and am trying to replicate- of the Queen and her friends and family when they were - to coin a phrase of Suzi Orman-'Young, Rich and Fabulous'...which they must have been in the 18th century- Louis was 20 and Marie Antoinette was barely 18 when they came to the throne.

I looked around online at different dolls that might fit her face mold or look, and found nothing that satisfied me. I then decided to look through the dolls I had and settled on this Star doll I had purchased last year on sale. I realized her hair was perfect and the only thing she needed was a new body- which I swapped with an extra Frank Sinatra Barbie I hadn't deboxed. (I purchased two or three of those dolls for body donars from walmart and Tuesday morning when they went on sale) I may do some cosmetic work on her lips as her lips are an unnaturally dark red, the portrait I worked from the Princesse was very pale and delicate looking, which fits in with her gown.
I still have a few touches to add to her gown. Her 'Pouf' cap or hat is made of sheer chiffon, gathered with sage silk ribbon bows and streamers. I made the paper roses on the pouf and in her hair. I could not find pink satin in the color the princess is wearing, so I used a pale pink broadcloth muslin that I had on hand along with some delicate lace. I may still add some bows to the sleeves and the ruffle. The silk ribbon is also on the back of her lacings on her bodice. 
I am still looking for a doll to be Gabrielle - the Duchesse de Polignac. Louis will be a custom repaint and reroot of a Twilight Emmett doll by Dawn at  One Sixth Sense. I am currently looking for a Kyu Dynamite boy body for Emmett as I will need him to be articulated. 
Right now, here are some pictures I took this afternoon of the two friends having tea with a daughter of one of the ladies who has stepped out of the room.

Here they are having tea in the Salon, near the french doors. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great doll. I love your Marie Antoinette. Great pink dress. I love the French doors. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

Muff said...

I agree with Marta, such a great doll!