Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! There is much to be thankful for, such as our wonderful dolls who take us away from the stress and sadness of 'real' life. I know my dolls are a break from the 'real' world for me, which is needed. 
Celebrate with the Ingalls family as they celebrate Thanksgiving too...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

28 days to Christmas...but it's not Thanksgiving yet!

I have been working on more Christmas cookies and goodies, some of which have already sold out of the Etsy shop. I try to make doubles of items- one for the Etsy shop & one for the Ebay auctions. A bunch of items sold yesterday out of the Etsy shop so my shelves are a little bare. 
I did a little quick photo story today with the very first gingerbread house I made in 1:6 scale, it is 2 in x 2 in. I thought it OK for a first try- which is why it is on Ebay. I want to make a more precise one, just getting the materials together for that. In the midst of the pictures, Santa decided to stroll in...and Thanksgiving isn't even here!

Grandma Greene is busily baking...Yule log cake, and has just finished a gingerbread house! Softly hums to herself as she applies the last candy canes to the sides....

She is lifting it and starts in surprise- Santa is in her kitchen!

Her young niece, Cindy, is perplexed and thinks to herself- 'Who is this fat guy dressing up as Santa?It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Aunt Grace needs to start locking her back door!
Grandma Greene isn't at all perplexed. 'Sam! ' she guesses
Little Emily has no illusions-'SANTA!' She screams

HO, HO, HO...'Santa chortles. 'You didn't make that gingerbread house all for me, did you?'
Cindy draws in a deep breath of irritation....all little Emily can do is holler
Santa what did you bring me!!!

Grandma Greene beams at Sam, er Santa. 'SANTA..she says, you have arrived rather early! Thanksgiving is just this week!
Sam, er Santa is turning red and chuckles.'I smelled Gingerbread and cake all the way from the North Pole!'

You're just in luck- I made some gingerbread men and this wonderful Yule log cake- have a slice with Emily!'

Meanwhile, Grandma Grace's youngest son comes in to forage in the refrigerator, and is not bothered in the slightest like his cousin about Sam, er Santa barging into his mother's kitchen for cake before Thanksgiving. 
I hope you enjoyed these quick photos. I have been trying to do different things for the holidays this year, but my personal life /family life has took a turn. Creating the miniature food has helped me to deal with the circumstances- my mother had a mini stroke about four weeks ago and then a triple bypass. She has been in intensive care and her condition has been very grave, which has given me many many sleepless nights as well as being emotionally draining. I have dealt with the severe stress by working on my miniature foods for the dolls and it has been such a great therapy. I think of something, look at a picture and see if I can replicate it. Cooking for the dolls in their mini worlds where everything is bright and cheerful really helps us in the 'real' world of problems too difficult to handle. 
I am currently working on the pictures for Thanksgiving...may redo them. The Gingerbread house and yule log are currently on my Ebay Auctions if you are interested.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Yule Log 'Buche de Noel' cake, and more doll food!

Check my Pumpkin Hill Studios on Ebay Auctions - HERE
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I have alot of items on my Ebay auctions as well as some duplicate items in my Etsy shop Pumpkin Hill Studios. Here are the newest items on Ebay-

Yule Log cake set (Buche de Noel)

Sweet Potato pie preparation board

Boxed set of French maccaroons

                                      Grand or 'Royal' 4 tiered wedding cake. Stands 6 inches high 4 inches wide

I also have a duplicate Yule Log set in my Etsy store, click on the link above. I try to create two of everything I make if I have enough supplies. All of my miniature food items include free shipping in the USA.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!~Lisa

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas goose and more 1:6 scale goodies...

I have been on another roll creating miniature holiday foods. The holiday foods are so much fun to create, with their abundance of color and textures. 

I did a Christmas goose, with poached pears and cranberries on a bed of greens on a silver platter, as well as pecan pie and pecan pie tartletts, apple pie & 2 slices a la mode with vanilla ice cream!

I also went a little crazy with the peppermint cookies and prep boards. Nothing says Christmas to me like overdone and over decorated cookies- so why shouldn't our dolls have designer cookies as well?lol.

The link to my Etsy shop is above-Click HERE

I have a pecan pie , the cookie plate, pecan pie tartlets, peppermint cookie prep board all on Ebay auction
The Christmas goose platter is on a Buy it Now on Ebay since this was my first one. 
Click HERE for the Christmas goose listing. Cost is $25 with free shipping.

Ken cannot get enough of that apple pie, or the pecan one for that matter!
Thank you for browsing my auctions and listings!~Lisa

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monsieur & Madame Croque sandwiches, cake, on my Ebay auctions...

I have some more items of doll food up on my Ebay Auctions with free shipping that I listed yesterday.
This round is 2 different sets of French sandwiches- in the photos above, this is a Monsieur and a Madame Croque sandwich set. The Madame Croque is with the poached egg on top and the Monsieur is the one with melted cheese on top.
I had did a commission for client a few months ago and I had made some extras when I did them. Essentially these sandwiches are a variation of our hot ham and cheese sandwich, with egg. They are eaten at all different times such as lunch or breakfast in Paris.
Below are a set of the Monsieur Croques...all the sandwich sets are wrapped in 'wax' or tracing paper squares like real sandwiches and come with a paper bag. All of my food auctions on Ebay have free shipping.

As you can see, Ken has just brought home lunch to Poppy.
I also have listed a chocolate cake with a slice cut out of it- it comes with its paper doily shown, the oval platter is not included.

I hope you are enjoying my miniature 1:6 scale food auctions. I try to keep the prices as affordable as possible, when I include cutting boards, plates, utensils it brings the price up a bit as I must cover my cost.
Please bookmark my auctions as I have been attempting to list something different each day!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1:6 scale Christmas cookie prep boards on Etsy & Ebay now!

I have been sculpting, er, baking for the dolls and jumping into preparing Christmas cookies and prep boards for the dolls to get into the holiday spirit!

I have two plates of cookies and 1 prep board on Ebay now- click HERE for the auctions and free shipping is included

I have 1 prep board and 1 plate of cookies on Etsy now as well- click HERE

Here are some of the items listed on Etsy and Ebay! Enjoy!