Friday, November 15, 2013

Debuting the Scottish Lassies 1:6 scale purse collection

I have finished the prototypes of the 'Scottish Lassies' from Atelier Lisa and have one full set listed on Etsy right now. I have only listed two full sets, I am still working on the 2nd...right now, there are ONLY 2 sets as I include the resin Scottish Terrier and the dog collar, chain leash and matching dog coat as that is all the dogs I have on hand right now, until I have more come in from the supplier. The dog collars and coats are made to fit this little resin dog, and looks quite cute. I am hoping to find some of the white Westie Scotties, which would add a contrast with that coat.

The collection in the set includes: 1 purse lined, with handmade black tassels and magnetic closures, black braided leather handles.  The tote bag is larger, made to resemble a 'weekender' tote so your doll can throw a few things in there and be off for the weekend in these cute little plaid togs. The tote bag is larger, with longer black braided leather handles, and snap closures- this is not lined. It has black cotton accent fabric for the sides and bottom of the tote. 
The dog accessories include: 1 resin black Scottish terrier dog, chain leash with red leather collar sized to fit dog with snap closure and leather handle. The dog coat is topstitched in black thread on the fabric for contrast and lined with red leather. A silver buckle on the top of the coat has a red leather strap threaded through it, and snap closure on the bottom/underside is how it fastens. 
All items are handsewn, one at a time, by me, the artist. Please understand there will be some variations (not in size) but due to the handmade quality. Also please allow 1-7 days (1 week) if your order is not in stock for me to complete and ship it. 
No returns on these items. 

NOTE: Right now I am working on more totes and purses and another complete set. 
Prices will be :
$75 for complete set as seen above
$25 for the purse
$20 for the Tote bag
$35 for the dog, collar, chain leash, and dog coat (IF I can find more dogs, these will be seperate sets available)

These items will be very limited as I have a very limited supply of the plaid fabric in stock.

Thank you for looking!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: Nice collection. I really like very much. Great jot. Keep in touch