Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Monsieur & Madame Croque sandwiches, cake, on my Ebay auctions...

I have some more items of doll food up on my Ebay Auctions with free shipping that I listed yesterday.
This round is 2 different sets of French sandwiches- in the photos above, this is a Monsieur and a Madame Croque sandwich set. The Madame Croque is with the poached egg on top and the Monsieur is the one with melted cheese on top.
I had did a commission for client a few months ago and I had made some extras when I did them. Essentially these sandwiches are a variation of our hot ham and cheese sandwich, with egg. They are eaten at all different times such as lunch or breakfast in Paris.
Below are a set of the Monsieur Croques...all the sandwich sets are wrapped in 'wax' or tracing paper squares like real sandwiches and come with a paper bag. All of my food auctions on Ebay have free shipping.

As you can see, Ken has just brought home lunch to Poppy.
I also have listed a chocolate cake with a slice cut out of it- it comes with its paper doily shown, the oval platter is not included.

I hope you are enjoying my miniature 1:6 scale food auctions. I try to keep the prices as affordable as possible, when I include cutting boards, plates, utensils it brings the price up a bit as I must cover my cost.
Please bookmark my auctions as I have been attempting to list something different each day!

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