Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christmas in Barbietown....

I have been decorating since Halloween ended, and Barbietown as I affectionately and Jokingly call it, is no exception. Each year I try to go all out. I'm still at it. My schedule at the beginning of each month is crazy busy and NOvember is no here are some photos of the progress so far!

I placed the two faux storefronts that used to be where LaBelle's is now and it has really added to it I think. I want the town to have a definite a la Francais (French) feel to it. At the very least, a historic feel to it as well. I need to make more doors and order some! I might do that for the cafe and the diner/sweet shop/gas station. 
I have more more more pictures to show here, but have not posted about them yet, feel free to click on the Flicker slideshow at the top to go to my Flicker albums and look over the pictures, I try to upload anything I take immediately so people can keep up with my progress!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I really like Christmas. Nice decoration. Great pictures. Keep in touch