Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas goose and more 1:6 scale goodies...

I have been on another roll creating miniature holiday foods. The holiday foods are so much fun to create, with their abundance of color and textures. 

I did a Christmas goose, with poached pears and cranberries on a bed of greens on a silver platter, as well as pecan pie and pecan pie tartletts, apple pie & 2 slices a la mode with vanilla ice cream!

I also went a little crazy with the peppermint cookies and prep boards. Nothing says Christmas to me like overdone and over decorated cookies- so why shouldn't our dolls have designer cookies as well?lol.

The link to my Etsy shop is above-Click HERE

I have a pecan pie , the cookie plate, pecan pie tartlets, peppermint cookie prep board all on Ebay auction
The Christmas goose platter is on a Buy it Now on Ebay since this was my first one. 
Click HERE for the Christmas goose listing. Cost is $25 with free shipping.

Ken cannot get enough of that apple pie, or the pecan one for that matter!
Thank you for browsing my auctions and listings!~Lisa

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain, great job. I like these cakes and chicken. They look real. Nice pictures in the kitchen. Keep in touch