Thursday, October 31, 2013

Have a 'Haute Couture' Happy Halloween!

I have took a bunch of photos of the table and our goodies getting ready for trick or treaters. 

I used tealights for the effects, and it turned out great. Not a great deal of elaborate 
decorating, because starting in November, it is time to get the house ready for Christmas!!

I also lit up LaBelles' and some 'new' models of the undead fashionista sort decided to model Romain's new hauntingly lovely fashi

ons. The customers were thrilled with a Halloween debut of evening wear!

I used Haunted Beauty vampire as the main model, with the Countess and Mina on the sides with their lovely gowns. I have wanted to change them, but don't have the heart and those boots are extremely hard to get off!
Enjoy the photos and have a Happy Halloween!!~Lisa

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