Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Va Fashion Doll Club October Meeting- the Raffles...

Wrapping up the meeting was our raffles. The raffles were items or giftbags of little items grouped together to be raffled off to defray the cost of the Christmas tea party which was to be held at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond, Va. 

If you click on the link it will take you to an Italian marble breath taking lobby which is where the iconic staircase was copied from in the movie from 
Gone with the Wind so many years ago. In the gilded age, or the early 1900's, the Jefferson was known for having alligators swimming in the marble pools in the lobby while the guests took tea or had lunch. Now, the alligators are merely metal statues that stare at you amongst the ferns from those same marble baths. 

But onto the raffles!

The denominations of raffle tickets we could buy were $10- 10 tickets, $15 -15 tickets, and $25 -25 tickets if I remember correctly. It may have been 50 tickets for $25 . I bought $10 worth of tickets. You put your tickets in a pink bag with the photo of the item on the pink bag, which was usually next to the raffle item.  There were dolls,Outfits,  furniture, jewelry, bags, books, poster of Francie from Convention, gift baskets of lotion, key tags, soap, that were Barbie related, and all kinds of items sure to please. 

There were 20 raffle items. The rules were: You could only win 2 items, so if you won more than once, as each raffle was called, you had to put an item back if you won something you liked better. This was difficult for many people who won more than twice. There were alot of nice raffle items. 

I won her!!! I had been wanting her forever!! 

I really didn't expect to win anything at all. The other items on raffle are below-

The raffles went wonderfully well and it wouldn't be a doll meeting at Linda's (Jewelz) house without a visit to her doll room! So here are some fab pics of her fantabulous Barbie room!

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