Saturday, October 29, 2016

Shopping at Costco....

While in Costco yesterday I had heard of the deals on American Girl dolls and accessories but never expected to see items for the fashion dolls. I was blown away. The item I really was taken with was the Frozen Snowflake mansion. 

Standing a whopping 52 1/2 inches and it was about 46 inches or more wide, with light up chandelier, fountain and ice throne, and a price tag of $159.99, it was awesome. I had already been to Hobby Lobby and thought, wow, I could dress up my Out of of this world Poppy like Elsa and my starlight Poppy like Anna....and there are those silver trees and blue trees that would go well in this hallway...and the diorama queen in me went nuts. I hate the blue stairway but figured I could work around it and spray it silver or something. Something about this dollhouse just screams to me even though I've never even SEEN Frozen and I hate the song after hearing it on the radio repeatedly. How WEIRD is that? BUT I LOVE THIS HOUSE. Sigh. The dilemna of a dollhouse nut in 1:6 scale......

Next on the aisle was the Grand Estate dollhouse...and so was the price tag at $149.99

This dollhouse was even larger than the Frozen mansion. A child would need a stepstool to play with it! It has a garage or a horse barn, depending on their whim, looks like a horse stable to me. An elevator that looks like one, a winding stair, a patio, lots of room. I could really do something with this even though the rooms are pokey, I was looking at it and I could paint that particle  board with the ugly graphics on it or paper it to look better. With a few select fine pieces of furniture, this could be a really modern home for my Fashion Royalty ladies ....
I really do like this dollhouse....

Onto the American Girl stuff. On the American Girl facebook groups, there have been alot of talk of sets. Here they are-

The Samantha Set. She runs about $119 and I am SOOOO tempted as I have wanted her but not willing to pay just that for the doll. She comes with her meet dress and two outfits. So yeah, am willing to pay that for her. Plus, I had to sell my two other American Girl dolls Felicity and Kit earlier this year. I would love to have Samantha as she is Victorian and would go well with my Rebecca. 

The Bitty Baby sets. They are running $99 and you get alot of bang for your buck if you're into Bitty Baby stuff.  Not my cup of tea, but it saves alot of money if you have a little girl who wants one.

The American Girl horse, complete with saddle and bridle, reins. $49.99 This one I am VERY tempted and will probably go back and get as I really want the carriage which does not come with the horse. This is very well made too. 

I want to order a reproduction Davida Huret resin 15 inch doll this year if at all possible and the horse would be perfect for her if she has a riding costume. Alot of the AG stuff is in perfect scale for the chunkiness of the Huret reproduction french fashion dolls. So that is one method to my madness of collecting the big stuff. 

American Girl stuffed pets. These were running about 24.99 and came with accessories or /and a book. Probably a better deal than from American Girl.

Mini American Girl dolls with books. They were running about $38.99 and they had Melody, Samantha, Julie, Mary Ellen, and Kit from what I could see. 

I also forgot about this Barbie house, but that was because it wasn't as spectacular as the Frozen mansion and the Grand estate house. I forgot the price tag, but it wasn't as as large as those two. Probably because it was so much smaller than the other two. People were taking pics like me of those two dollhouses.  

So run out to Costco and make room for one of those dolls or dollhouses! LOL...

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