Saturday, October 1, 2016

Spook-tacular October....

I did not post much in September.  I was caught up and am still busy with taking care of my father who had triple by pass heart surgery and is 81 years old, and in astonishingly good health for his age to go through this procedure. The whole month has been taken up with taking care of him, now that he's home, been visiting him in ICU with other friends and family, and then rehab, and so on. As well as taking care of two households, and day to day business. 

I thought I might pull out pictures of dolls as I was going through pictures from the archives of a Halloween /spooky nature and start posting them until I can get new ones up. I am in a holiday sort of mood. Just to get the diorama juices flowing. I did not post very much lately, truth to tell, I haven't had much time to even set up or play with my dolls at all. 

I have ordered a small pure neemo articulated body for my Alice Blythe, so I can continue her customization. More on that in another later, post when the body gets here and a review. 

Since Ihaven't been posting much on my blog, I thought I would do posts with some of my best Halloween or spooky photos of the dioramas I have done in the past for the month of October.  I would like to set up the Gothic Mansion again but I honestly do not see myself having the time or energy with my heavy schedule. I have always, always wanted to do a big Halloween party with my dolls. I just don't have the time and energy it takes right now to stage and build and create the props needed right now, with the family health issues going on.  sigh. 

I hope you enjoy the photos, Lisa...

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