Sunday, October 9, 2016

Body-swapping Blythe....

I finally received my Pure Neemo body off of Ebay and I am really pleased. For weeks I had done in-depth, extensive, exhaustive research on the best bodies for Blythe and the factory clones (which my doll is - she's not a real Blythe, sniff sniff for the purists out there, but her price tag made me feel that way- $90!) so I had been at odds with her ugly Takara body. Her arms were ugly white and her body was a flesh color. Her knees would click bend like a Skipper body and her waist would turn, but that was it for articulation. Most of the time she would fall over if she was not on a sturdy waist stand. The despair of getting decent photos of her was going to change. I found out that Obitsu bodies were ok, BUT, most people did not like them because they did not hold the large Blythe heads up well. 

I also wanted my Blythe to be child-like, look like a little girl, to me that is the charm of most of the custom Blythes, dressed like adorable little girls getting into trouble. The Obitsu bodies and some of the Pure Neemo bodies you have to watch what you buy because of the large busts or boob jobs on them. I didn't need a Phicen pole dancing Blythe!! lol!

Changing or swapping out a body for your Blythe is relatively easy. I used a long thing screwdriver. I am sorry I didn't take step by step instructions and didn't even think of this until after I did this and her body was popped in. On the right is the old, Takara body and Alice has her new Pure Neemo body on. 

I purchased the Pure Neemo body off Ebay HERE

Pure Neemo bodies are made by the Japanese company AZONE, so everything is written in Japanese. The seller packaged the item very carefully and shipping was fast. This was a small busted body, serial number was PFL015-FLS. I have seen some people sand the boobs off completely with a dremel to achieve a flat chest for a small child or boy on this body. 

Lift the dolls' hair up and their neck string and pin it out of the way. Start by putting your screwdriver in the top hole and unscrewing that tiny screw first, and laying it aside. You are going to unscrew all three screws of the head.

Go onto the 2nd and 3rd bottom two screws, unscrew and lay them to the side.

Now you will come to opening the head. Take the head by the ears on the sides and squeeze hard to open the head. It should start popping open slightly with the pressure on both sides of the head, just enough so you can pop the cheapola Takara body out and the new body in. My Pure Neemo body is a little loose where the head will tilt back and forth. I have shown this picture the slight looseness around the neck opening. 

Some people close the loose opening around the neck stump because closing the head with tape, or a rubber bands, but I left it that way since the head seemed to close tight and I like her to be able to move her head, it looks more realistic. Her head isn't that wobbly to me and it looks a little more natural. 

I can understand why everyone who customizes Blythe likes this body. She stands well and looks far more natural. 

Now I think someone is ready to show off her new body!


Phyllis said...

While I do not own any Blythe dolls, I have seen a lot of gorgeous photos of these little ladies. I do own a fair amount of Ruruko dolls though and they come with the XS Pure Neemo body. I have also Purchased quite a few of the Pure Neemo bodies in both the XS and S sizes and in various skintones. Most of what I have is small busted, but I do has a few with the larger busts. They are wonderful bodies to use for rebodying anything from Takara Jenny, Only Hearts Club, Barbie Stacie and more. I like them a bit better than Obitsu because the Obitsu bodies are so thin and the Pure Neemo bodies have nicer looking joints. I think you will enjoy your Blythe on this body!

Farrah Lily said...

Thanks for doing this review. I have had one of these bodies on my wishlist for some time and wondered how it would look on Blythe. I love how many more poses she can do! :)

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis I agree. I would like to see an Only Hearts club doll on this body, but I think the small neemo would be too large in the middle for them, maybe the xtra small neemo would be better? I have wanted to body swap my only hearts girls, which I have two of them.

Farrah Lily you will love this body, even though it is a little more pricey than the obitsu, it is more sturdy and looks more 'real' in photos.