Tuesday, October 4, 2016

VA Fashion Doll Club October Meeting Part 2 -Sports & Tailgating

My club does different memes on their meetings and throughout this year the theme has been Places of Virginia.  So instead of our usual Halloween meeting, where we all pull out the Halloween dolls, we did combined two themes- with Francies' 50th birthday which I covered in Part 1, and our diorama setup, Sports/ and tailgating. 

What the club members were supposed to do was to bring a doll or dolls and a table with food for tailgating at a regular football game. Most of the club members have sons or daughters or in colleges with teams, like Virginia Tech, and so on. (Frankly, my idea of tailgating is a little different having been to the horse shows and charity races at the Strawberry Hill fairgrounds here in Richmond. That's tailgating on a whole another level, so the football thing was new to me because I frankly can't stand football. That's another story, lol) 

I did not bring any dolls to this presentation since it was so specific and I do not have any cheerleaders, football themed outfits, etc. I loved the vintage ones I saw, and would love to collect them, they have a timeless look. Now onto the pictures!

Leslie, one of our club members, did a great scene on the Wisconsin Bucky the Badger cheeseheads. from her daughter's college. They are even wearing little cheeses on their heads! She also got the themed college clothing from a seller on ebay!

The stickers for the car came from her daughter's college too, which she put on one of her cars. She had this set up at her daughter's high school graduation did similar themed ones/dolls for her daughter's friends. I thought that was really cool. 

And of course, no doll club meeting would be a meeting without FOOD! We had all sorts of wonderful tailgating themed foods. This was only a sampling as not all the food had got there yet with all the members when I took this photo. 

More on the raffles on part 3 of this club meeting tomorrow! And you will see the prize- the doll I won!Lisa


Ms. Leo said...

WOW! It looks like it was a good time! I like the Tommy doll! Was he Elvis?

Lisa Neault said...

I honestly don't know, this diorama was put together by several of the club members pooling their dolls, so it may have been Elvis-Tommy redressed. They are extremely clever at revamping doll clothes and accessories.