Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some new larger doll food items...

I took some time out today to work on some items I had long been wanting to create. I sold the larger two pink cakes this weekend and they will be packed and shipped off tomorrow. Still have the 1:4 scale blue cake. Today I made about 20 1:4 scale pastries called La Religieuse otherwise known in english as 'The Nun' . It is made famous by Laduree and you may have seen pictures of them that look like this-

Two pastries held together with lots of icing and whipped cream, and usually filled with cream, and oh so delicious. Imagine them in your dolls'hand. 

So here is what I made today for my lazy Sybarite Slipper. She is so pampered. I don't imagine she will get to enjoy them too long, judging by how long those cakes stayed around here. 


Muff said...

Well, gosh! Now I'm starving. So delicious looking.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you!