Monday, July 6, 2015

My review on Vintage Tea Ellowyne Convention doll

....and she's gorgeous. SO here is my review of her.

Her dress is spot on. The shoes are peep toe slingbacks, her jewelry is a red bead three strand necklace, very nicely done. Some earrings with it would have been nice. Her outfit is a bodysuit with skirt and apron, all done in that darling vintage cotton prints. The apron looks like a vintage handkerchief. She also wears hose. She is perfect. I purchased this doll on Ebay, and her hair was a little mussed, but it was soon straighted out. I think that was due more to the post office trying to destroy the box than the seller, who sent it very well packed in another box - it was sent in its original shipper as well. 

Except for....the teaset. Sigh......Someone needs to inform Robert Tonner or his staff about scale. 

Here is what I mean.

Does that in anyway shape or form resemble a 1:4 scale teaset? The teacup and saucer get lost in her hand, as do the sugarbowl and creamer. The extra plate for the crumpets is the only thing besides the pitcher that fits her hand. Here are some examples of Ellowyne attempting to have tea to show you. 

The teaset with one of my pastries on the plates. By itself, not so bad.

Again, overhead shot with her hand. Not so bad. I can see if the staff or Robert took photos they were easily fooled. Plus, this teaset is a common one from China and it's cheap. In the end game, it's about the cost to the doll and how much it will cost the company to produce said doll. So if they did what I'm doing now, I understand how they let it pass.

But now I've added a larger plate into the mix. Not so great looking, but ok.

More larger and in scale accessories. The tea set is dwarved and looks quite small. Her hands look out of place.

Last pic of Ellowyne at the table with the pastries and tea set. She is sitting at the American Girl Molly retired table and chairs. These might still be available at American girl, unless they have redone Molly's furniture. I think the red retro table and chairs were retired, I bought them on sale two or three years ago to go with Kit's stove which I will pull out of storage. Ellowyne is begging to cook and also begging me for her friends too. I don't know how I will resist as this doll is lovely. 

Overall, I give her a 9 as she is gorgeous, except for the cheap underscale teaset. That is the only drawback on the doll.  One thing that aggravates me to no end , I guess because I was a miniaturist before I became a doll collector is people, or companies who do not pay attention to general scales and think we as doll collectors are stupid. American Girl is extremely guilty of this but they are catering to children and that is understandable. When we get into the collectibles world and are paying upwards to $150-300 for a doll you would think the scale of the accessories would be spot on, correct? China is cheap for a reason so it shouldn't be too hard to find a scale teaset in 1:4 scale and do the math. Or maybe someone on staff thinks it looks too big. This teaset was 1:12 scale so obviously they've been playing with their dollhouse too long. Now I'm going to have to look for a teaset in 1:4 scale painted with cherries to match her. That's how OCD I can get about the minis. It looks like she is playing tea with her dolls and the dolls are missing. I'm wondering if the Pru and Lizette have underscale rolling pins and pies too. They probably are 1:12 scale as well, since Ellowyne's tea set is underscale. Anyone who has these dolls, please feel free to leave your comments here on those dolls' accessories.

But overall, accessories aside, this is a hit as far as the doll goes! I am so glad I got her. ~Lisa


jSarie said...

Wow, they really didn't even try to get the scale right with that tea set, did they?

It's too bad, because stylistically it looks like something that should be perfect for her.

ToTylkoJa said...

The doll is absolutely lovely and you're right about the teaset. It should be a little bigger.

Lisa Neault said...

I figured once I pulled her out of the box and did the photos I should go ahead and do a review for those buying her. It really shouldn't affect your purchase, BUT if you are OCD doll collector, and I know some doll collectors who are, when I had my shop, the tiny details on a doll would drive them crazy - for instance if the eyes were painted wrong they would return the doll and demand another doll with eyes that were correctly painted. I didn't understand it then but I do now, as I myself have got a little picky. I used to be a miniature dealer and these teasets are not an uncommon item in the dollhouse miniature world- you can probably buy them in hobby lobby or at hobby builder's supply. But I have a hummel teaset I got at Tuesday morning that should work for her and my displays so it's all good. I would say go ahead and buy her anyway- she's stunning.

Muff said...

Love her styling! If you have a Tuesday Morning in your area you might try them for tea sets that might fit her. It's been months since I've been over there, but at one point they had a bunch of Beatrix Potter sets.