Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Mad Hatter's tea party.... coming soon. A Fanciful Twist blog does this every year. I follow her artist blog and have done so for a few years and took part in it one year and stumbled across it when I saw Du Buh Du Designs tea party blog from 2010. All of the work that went into her tea party dolls just blew me away. 

Here is the info on the Mad tea party  
I will be participating, and at Vanessa's site, there will be a list of blogs that you can 'blog-hop' about, for two or three days, at all of the tea parties, and leave comments. She also has a very cool Halloween party as well! 

I am attempting inbetween all of the chaos to get the dolls together for a tea party some unusual scenes. So I will be taking a break from Ellowyne and getting the 1:6 scale crew together for that...

So remember...don't be late!
Especially for tea...

Or the Red Queen might consign you to painting the roses Red!

See you on Saturday for a mad spot of tea!

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