Friday, July 3, 2015

Grail doll arrival, Prop alert, and large cakes....

Lots of stuff to blog about today! I'll get to Fourth of July later. But my Grail Doll
I blogged about a couple of weeks ago arrived like, last week, and with the registration dolls taking up so much of my time, and Ellowyne horning in, I just now got around to taking pics of her this morning. Plus I have other stuff to squeeze in here today too. 

She is a Barbie Basics Model No. 14 002.5 Collection known as the 'metallic' collection and a Black label doll. The collection I purchased her from had put her on a pivatol Elvis body- yeah! so no having to purchase another doll to body swap her! Thank goodness. I can save my poppy bodies now. I adore her face mold. I am always late to the party on the barbie basics model dolls though I do have a few good ones in my collection, I just haven't rebodied them. She looks so similar to Haunted Beauty if you changed her makeup. I am thinking of dressing her as the White Queen for fun for an Alice tea party dio I have planned in a few days. Stay tuned for that. She needs some 'buttered fingers', lol...watched too much of Tim Burton!

But she needs a name....I am caught between Harper, Tatum(after Tatum O'Neal- I grew up watching her in Paper Moon as a kid,we are almost the same age) or maybe one of my fans here can come up with a cool name. Demi, after Demi Moore who collects dolls would be neat too. This doll looks like a rebel and a great character actress. She's already beginning to clash with the Fashion royalty folks.

Onto the props!I purchased this Ashlawn birdcage shelf at 60% off at Michael's 
it was a one day only sale so I got it at about $13 dollars. It was insanely priced too high- at about $34+ no waywould I pay that for it. I figured it would not go any lower than that. It would make a great display shelf for my cakes and mini foods as well as for the vintage flea market diorama or craft fair for the dolls.
I also got the little pot of flowers of lilacs beside it on sale too, for $1.
Here it is filled up.

My new nameless doll declares she's exhausted from having to do the setup by herself. What a drama queen! 

I think this is a real versatile little shelf. It will probably also be large enough to put a mannequin in for a dress , hat boxes, shoes and purses for La Belle's, if I move stuff around. I am thinking about painting it and adding some gilding to it at the top to make it more glitzy. Just haven't had time. Maybe add some toile paper to the shelving for the pastries. 

I made some 1:4 scale cakes in pink and blue for my 16 inch dolls. This shelf works for them too.
Here is my Slipper Sybarite showing them off.

Enjoy, and have a great holiday weekend!~Lisa


jSarie said...

Love the way that cage/shelf works for the cakes!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you!

Betty said...

Slipper's face reminds me of Cher. I'm a Cher fan! I don't usually collect Barbies, but I have three Chers.

I think that cage works very well for the cakes. I guess you make the cakes?

Farrah Lily said...

I didn't know Demi Moore collects dolls...that's pretty cool! Great use of the cage (at such a great price as well!) Your cakes look amazing and I love your new doll. She has such a pretty face. I like Harper a lot as a name. :)

Jewell said...

I thought of your blog the other day when I was wondering where I could get the cakes I need for a future photo story. The ones on your shelf look fantastic. I like Tatum as a name for your new girl. It's an unconventional name for an unconventional beauty. I don't understand why the original owner rebodied her. The BB 2.5 were the only Basics dolls to come already fully articulated.

Kath said...

When you use it for the 16" girls make a base to lift it off of the ground and it would be better sized.. It is so cool.. Have you thought about also adding shelves for shorter wares??

Phyllis said...

I am happy for you that your got your Grail doll! Even on the Elvis body, she looks great, but like Jewell said, the Barbie Basics 2.5 dolls were originally on the pivotal body anyway. Her original body has painted black finger and toe nails too. However, if getting her on the Elvis body meant you were able to get her at an affordable price, then you indeed did very well! I think she looks more like a Tatum than a Demi. I see Demi and a tall, gorgeous brunette! I have read an article about Demi Moore's doll collection and how Bruce Willis supported her in it, but Ashton Kutcher thought they were creepy! I think that just makes him more creepy, LOL!

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Betty. Yes, I made the cakes, all of them. lol.
Farrah, yes Demi Moore collects dolls. I think she was a nut to divorce Bruce Willis and marry Ashton Kutcher but hey, I think Bruce willis is just hotter looking. Ashton Kutcher like Phyllis said, was creeped out by her dolls- and Bruce Willis bought her some pretty pricey ones from Tonner as I understand it and even tried to get her to display them to the public- even Ashton did as well. I understand Demi as a hoarder, er collector. Leave me alone and let me play, er, hoard my dolls, LOL...that would mean she has to take them out of the boxes and the extra rooms she has them piled up in!!!! I bet she has them piled up like us common doll collecctors. lol. She just has more display cases and her favorite ones in the bedroom. lol.

Kath, I mainly purchased this for the 12 inch girls but I think a riser would make it good for the 16 inch girls, you're right. And I have thought of adding shelves as two shelves are kind of lame. I would make them removeable though so it could be more versatile for different displays and not just a pastry display.

Jewell, I don't know why the original owner would have rebodied her if she was already articulated, I couldn't understand that myself when I asked him. I knew they were articulated so I was just pleased she was fully articulated when she came, at first I had thought these basics were only articulated at the arms, and not the legs.
So everyone likes Harper or Tatum, and not Demi for the names, right?

Muff said...

Everything looks yummy, dolls included! ^__^

I could see her being a Demi.