Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My favorite Agnes Von Weiss...

Through the  W Club's most recent lottery, I had won one of the new ITBE basics- Morning Dove. I actually liked the doll, but really wanted her shoes and dress more than her. That lovely grey brocade with the shoes is just stunning. 
The new backdrop has been getting alot of attention since I started working on new gowns for the dolls. It seems lately like all that has been arriving in the mail is---dolls! One or two days I received two in one day! I also purchased the Barbie wardrobe when theyhad free shipping plus my coupon- this is still unboxed. My birthday is on Thursday, so I just might have a de-box day. 

My favorite Agnes is believe it or not, one I did not buy. I have three Agnes Von Weiss dolls and I love them all. The one that is my favorite I won by a great stroke of luck after first becoming a member in 2007? I think. I fell in love with Fashion Royalty dolls when I first saw someone bring them to the fashion doll club -I had just joined. I had never seen dolls that looked like this with such detailing...I was just getting into collectible Barbie ! The W club hosts monthly contests where they give away a doll after they randomly pick one of the postings in that contest thread. I think it was- where do you think the FR convention should be held and why? I still remember opening my email and seeing the unexpected email that I had won! At that time, I did not know all the characters and was still learning about how to order the dolls, etc. What I won was a convention doll - Agnes Von Weiss in Concerto M. She was the diva that took over my collection and still 'owns' the dollhouse, so to speak. It is only fair she snagged Morning Dove's fashion!

She is still such a beauty, with that lovely red hair and green eyes and her beauty mark in the perfect place, sigh. I am having to watch how I pose her because her body is becoming a little loose with age, no yellowing like I have heard of. She usually reigns supreme in the dollhouse so I keep her away from strong sunlight in the doll room in the dollhouse. I have always thought she would make a wonderful 'young Queen Elizabeth' like  Cate BLanchette from the movie Elizabeth...another project on my todo list!

I hope to be taking some more new photos soon when I have time. My schedule has been up and down these past two weeks!~Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, Agnes is very beautiful. I love red headed dolls too!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you!