Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some new Lingerie pieces coming soon...

I have been working on some new lingerie items I have had in my head for a while now. Before gaining weight, I absolutely adored shopping in Victoria's secret was all about the pink, the bags, matching unmentionables you name it. My dolls have few lingerie choices so I decided to make them. Yesterday I worked on some after finding some lovely thin fabrics with a raised detailing on them in tangerine and black. I will be working on the black chemise tops and peignoirs today later, but I designed a cute little pantie with silk ribbon ties on the sides. These fit Model Muse Barbie Basics and Integrity dolls. (these are still prototypes in the working stages, I do not know if they fit the new FR body or Silkies yet. )

Right now my two Natalias are strutting their stuff in tangerine chiffon. I am planning on making the peignoir with the same matching bow tie panties that the chemise blouse comes with as well, for a set. 

Above are two pics of the orange and black panties. These two pairs had pink outline stitching, but I may do away with that detailing, since it takes extra time. 
One of my reasons for showing these items is I hope to go to the Fashion ROyalty convention in Orlando this year with my doll buddies, and I hope to do some room sales. I am also thinking of taking my miniature foods as well, so am planning on what to take and what prices to charge. I am hoping some of my room sales will help pay for little extras on the travel expense side. Just thought I would give everyone a sneak peak on what I am planning & designing right now. Everyone needs lingerie, right? as well as mini food for their dolls! 
I am also hoping to attend Barbie Convention 2015 which is going to be in Arlington, Va so definitely, if my registration is selected /accepted I will be doing room sales!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous underwear. Great job. Keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

this underwear is amazing. I expecially like the tangerine one. But I'm amazed mostly because it takes a lot of patience to sew underwear for 12" girls, I did it only once and that was enough for me!
I'm sure you'll have a huge success at the conventions!

Lisa Neault said...

lol! thank you Billa!
I stopped midway to finish a dress for a 18 inch american girl doll. I have been enjoying sewing and the 1:6 scale girls are alot of fun, since they look so sexy in lingerie. It is taxing but fun.