Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy Birthday Skipper!

The other two vintage dolls I had won on Ebay arrived today so I was able to get the Skippers and friends together for this little birthday scene. The only one missing is my Malibu Skipper but could not find a suitable party dress or outfit for her. 

Dramatic Living Skipper (on the right in the last photo above) & Buffy and Mrs. Beasley arrived today. I was completely amazed at how perfect their hair was! Buffy is missing one of her original bows and her shoes and Mrs. Beasley is missing her tiny glasses. Dramatic Living skipper- the articulation on this darling doll is amazing. She is so much more realistic than purple-blue-pink haired Skipper you buy today. Her hands move! Not bad for back in 1970! As a child I watched Family Affair alot and always wanted to be Buffy with her perfect curls and clothes. I have a Mrs. Beasley myself, that was one of my favorite dolls. Never got this little doll when I was a kid. When she was out, I may have been too small to play with her. 
The cake set is Re-ment and the little unicorn on the table is from those minion surprise packs at Walmart. The Hello Kitty is from Target- you can get them for about $2 and they make great toys for Skipper and her friends. 

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Vanessa said...

What a great looking party. Happy birthday, Skipper!