Friday, April 25, 2014

The Guests at the Reception...and new dresses!

I have been in a restless creative mood lately. Leave it to me to have to pack up supplies for preparations in repairs on the house, only to get fidgety. I have been in awe of some of the simply lovely creations I have seen in photos of collectors who are lucky enough to attend the Paris and Italian doll festivals...especially the Paris one. I've also been greatly inspired watching Ninimomo and their fabulous pageant dolls. So I dug out my sewing supplies- I had kept them readily availalble since I am working on Louis XVl's suit- the doll has been sent off to the repaint and reroot artist. I had some old shirts with a wonderful crinkly raised fabric and some chiffon and satin. Here are two of my model muses I did dresses for yesterday.

I want to try my hand at beading, and this white column with the splash of fuschia top just screams to me, palm beach. I was thinking of beading it with designs of flowers and palms on that skirt. Or is it better with maybe a beaded hem?? It looks a little bare so was thinking of creating her jewelry that goes with it. But I feel like it needs something. 
The pink on the blonde is my first try and though there are mistakes on it, I like how it turned out. It looks so very Barbie and soft for her coloring. I left her jewelry on but will probably attempt to make something to match the dress.
Here are some photos of these two at the reception...

The furniture is the Disney Princess furniture with re-ment champagne and wine glasses, the floral arrangement is a 1:12 scale miniature arrangement I won at a miniature show years ago. 
I am working on another fashion for another model muse, I might start digging out the Fashion Royalty dolls and see what I can come up with there for them. 


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your clothes are fabulous. Your sew very well. Great job. Nice furniture .. We keep in touch

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, these dresses are beautiful, I agree with you the light pink one is perfect. The white and fucsia one just needs some jewels. i don't think it needs any other addition
I love your fashions! Can't wait to see the new ones