Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skipper & Friends....catching up

I have been smitten, and bitten by the Vintage craze as well as the SKipper craze. Skipper was one of my all time favorite dolls to play with as a child. I have my very first Skipper, which was Malibu Skipper from 1971. Then I received, Growing up Skipper. I still have her in her original condition.
This is Skipper's 50th birthday this year. I was so bummed on missing out on ordering her thru Barbie Collector, I gave in and ordered her through Amazon. I have placed a preorder through Doll Genie for the brunette who will arrive in August. Not missing out on these two lovelies.
 In my previous post, I showed my Va. fashion doll club's presentation for Skipper which was their theme for the last meeting- and we were lucky enough to have this Skipper, a vintage one, and the anniversary Porcelain skipper together for viewing. I was not crazy about the porcelain one and don't feel the need to have her in my collection. 
Back to the vintage bug. I have about three dolls arriving so far - the first one to arrive yesterday was a Suki Skediddle Liddle Kiddle. I dug out my childhood dolls and among them were some LIddle Kiddles! Here is a pic of my brown haired vintage Skipper, Tutti, a dolly darling kiddle klone and Suki together. She doesn't have her walking mechanicism, but is adorable.

Also, my blogging may be down a bit for the next few weeks. Hubby and I are making a decision to work on the house interior - redo the floors, take  up carpeting, switch furniture around, get rid of some older furniture, do some repairs, etc. We just have so much stuff-- and not just dolls. This means I may get a bigger doll room! I hope to be moving our bedroom to a smaller room and using what is our bedroom now for all of the dolls and their dollhouses. Plus have a permanent shelf display for dolls. That will take some time before we get there. I have been working on this off and on for the past week or two and feverishly yesterday and the day before. Since having to close my shop in 2011, it has been a struggle since alot of stock was stored in one of the bedrooms with no room to move about at all. I packed up my crafting/clay supplies so that is also put on hold for a while too. I will still be working on the Chateau project and the doll town, but now at a much slower pace. 

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