Monday, April 21, 2014

Fiorella Silkstone Barbie at the Reception....

So Fiorella Silkstone Barbie arrived today...yet another doll! I purchased her on Amazon due to she was $1 cheaper and had free shipping. Great deal and I may shop for more of my dolls on Amazon since she and the blonde 50th anniversary Skipper arrived safely. 

She is so soft and lovely. I did this backdrop in preparation for her arrival- don't ask me how I finished in time! Since having to pack away my craft supplies and books and other items in preparation for the work /repairs on our house, I did this rather quickly over the weekend with the finishing touches on the paneling and last week in spare time. 

So back to Fiorella,...I simply adore the Barbie video and how Robert Best created the storyline for the Italian line- with the dolls attending a wedding in Italy! Each doll has a character, and how her dress fits in. The set created for the video is simply amazing...old world patinas, cobblestone roads, Italian villas, and so on. It really sparked my imagination- what happened at the wedding? Where was the reception held? I thought of an immense Italian palace, elegant paneling, parquet wood floors, wrought iron tables and chairs. I kept the props in color scheme with her outfit as white would clash. The pastels in the floral arrangement pick up her color palette of her outfit. I am hoping to expand on this diorama setup as more of the dolls arrive as I get them. But on to the photo shoot!

I hope you enjoy my photos of this marvelous doll! She has so many re-dress capabilities! Her dress, jewelry and outfit are well made, and her body is protected underneath from staining. I purchased mine on  for $49.99 with free shipping, she is still available. 


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, your diorama is beautiful as always, and it really enhanches Fiorella outfit!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Billa!